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New Year

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Belgrade has a new attraction – an interesting music fountain with light effects that beautifies the circular flow on square Slavija.

When you look at it from the rooftop of the new hotel Slavija Garni, where the restaurant Panorama is located, this scene is breathtaking.

That’s why this restaurant is one of the best places for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Superb organization, nice staff, lavish menu and great music program will brighten up the craziest night of the year and make entry into 2019 an unforgettable one.

For a cheerful atmosphere, EXCLUSIVE BAND will be in charge of playing the greatest hits of evergreen, pop and folk music. Their reporter has something for everyone, and a good time with this band is guaranteed.

At midnight, enjoy a festive champagne toast on the balcony, while the bright New Year lighting blends with a reflection of a firework that fires all around you.

Euphoria and joy is almost touchable, so the New Year’s Eve at the Panorama restaurant is truly a spectacular event that will stay in your memory forever.


During the whole night, you will be entertained by the well-known EXCLUSIVE BAND. They are the masters of their trade, and at the beginning of this amazing evening they will mix up a cocktail of the light Mediterranean and ex yu hits.

As the night goes away, you can enjoy the best hits of pop and evergreen, which will follow only the classiest songs of folk music.


In the price of the ticket of 50€, seat at the festive banquet table is included, as well as unlimited consumption of food and drinks from the list below. For the VIP places which are right next to the windows and beautiful panoramic view you will need to pay 60 € per seat.

On New Year’s Eve, when all mobile networks are overburdened, the free internet that this restaurant provides will be very useful.

New Year’s Night hides magic inside yourself, it’s certainly not usually evening, and therefore, let yourself be greeted by the year 2018 and welcome to the new restaurant in 2019 in the elite restaurant of our hotel.


Lavish New Year’s menu, type of service – buffet table (included in the package):

Cold appetizers:

  • Njeguš prosciutto
  • Pork sirloin
  • Dry smoked pork sirloin
  • Cold roast beef
  • Kulen sausage
  • Čajna sausage
  • Marinated mushrooms
  • Cheese
  • Chicken salad Hawaii
  • Fish salad
  • White cheese from the oil
  • Prebranac (beens on the traditional Serbian way)
  • Olives

Warm appetizers:

  • Kaneloni with cheese gratinated
  • Grilled mushrooms
  • Cheese pie
  • Pie with mushrooms
  •  Grilled hake fish

Barbecue Grill:

  • Serbian kebabs
  • Chicken white meat
  • Pork fillet
  • Laks kare

Roast meat:

  • Pork fricandeu with mushroom sauce.


  • Cabbage salad
  • Green salad
  • Šopska salad
  • Serbian salad
  • Spicy peppers


  • Different types of homemade cakes (dry pies, various muffins, cream cakes, small cakes)
  • Fresh fruits (apple, grapes, mandarin, orange, kiwi, banana)

All inclusive beverage package:

  • Vodka
  • Gyn
  • Rakia: plum, apricot, viljamovka, loza
  • Pelinkovac (bitter)
  • Champagne
  • Vinjak
  • Vermouth
  • Wine – Plantaže, Tikveš, Rubin (red, white, rose)
  • Beer: Budweiser and Jelen
  • Cocktails (Sky on the beach, Blue lagoons, Red Frog)
  • Non-alcoholic drinks (Coca-Cola, Fanta, Bitter lemon, Tonic water, Orange juice, Apple, Peach, Knjaz Milos, Aqua Viva)
  • Coffee – homemade and espresso


INFORMATIONS & RESERVATIONS: +381 60 434 66 22 (Viber,WhatsApp)


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One Tip!

In Belgrade when it comes to NYE fireworks, they take it seriously. Don't miss a chance to hold a glass of champagne while watching it from a restaurant`s balcony.


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