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Albert, Gdansk, Poland


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While my impressions are still fresh, I have to present my experience in Serbia using More Than Belgrade agency service. As I spent only one weekend in Serbia, this show is by no means complete, but I thought it deserved a special topic.

I spend my first day mostly in capital Belgrade where so kind and friendly personnel from More Than Belgrade took me on the Segway historical city tour, Shooting range and in the evening we had done Pub Crawl. All 3 activities I have no complaints to say it was perfect, five stars, and I recommend to everyone help of the More Than Belgrade while visiting Serbia. On their suggestion, I spend Saturday and Sunday on a cruise to Zlatibor Mountain and Air Spa in a full guided tour organized by them. With the longest tourist tradition, Zlatibor is located in Western Serbia, 230 km southwest of Belgrade. The average altitude is 1000 m. The miraculous climate of Zlatibor is also favorable for the treatment of bronchial asthma and other allergic diseases, thyroid gland, heart disease, and anemia. Such a favorable climate is ideal for the preparation of athletes, the stay of children and the elderly, and the improvement of the general physical condition of a person. The highest peaks are Tornik (1496 m above sea level) and Čigota (1422 m above sea level). In the immediate vicinity and on Zlatibor itself, there are numerous cultural and historical monuments and attractions.

I reached Zlatibor from Belgrade (via Ljig, Čačak, Požega, Užice), a total of about 220 km with organized comfortable Mercedes V class vehicle organized by MTB, through the beautiful landscapes of Serbia.

The general impression is that Zlatibor deserves all the epithets that describe it, the level of tourist offer is high, it is very clean and tidy, but I came back with the impression that in this development was not taken into account compliance with nature and often did not affect the mountain center, but at a fair in any town in Serbia. However, if you move from the moves of the market, bus station, cafe around the lake, enjoying nature is guaranteed.

One of the favorite hiking trails is the path to the monument. It is 1.5 km from the center of Čigota to the monument (which means that it is about 2 km from the center). The leaflet I picked up at the tourist organization says that the trail is readable for “active athletes and trained recreationists” due to the climb. There is a climb, but I don’t think it’s such that everyone can climb to the plateau, there are benches to rest along the way, and I’ve seen families with wheelchairs. The path is paved, the grass around is mowed, it is lit, I have no objections.

Can’t wait to come back to explore more of Serbia!

Thank you guys!

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