About Us

More Than Belgrade is a tourist company based in Belgrade that specializes in incoming tourism. We cater to high-end clients who are looking for unique and innovative activities and services. Our focus is mainly on F.I.T. groups, stag do groups, young couples, and companies who want to provide an incentive experience for their clients. Our creativity sets us apart from our competitors and keeps us in a leading position in this specific field of tourism.

Our driving force is the love and passion we have for the beauty of our country and the services we offer. We strive to provide exceptional experiences to a wide range of guests through our business, and this is what has made More Than Belgrade a recognizable and popular brand in the tourism industry. We are particularly proud of the trust our guests have in us, which has helped us reach this position.


The story began 14 years ago Surprisingly, we worked first 2 years without even having a website. Our main advertisement was the good experiences shared by our previous clients through word of mouth, and it was working well for us. Soon, our clients’ friends also became interested in Belgrade, and they started reaching out to us for assistance. After several such instances, we decided to turn it into a more serious business.

After some time, we decided to open our first office. It was located on the main pedestrian street in Belgrade, called “Knez Mihailova”. We chose this location so that people could find us easily. We put up some nice advertisements on the street, and our team handed out flyers to promote our business. These small details helped our business grow rapidly, but we still didn’t have an official website. So, we realized it was time to create one and now we have this lovely website where everyone can learn more about Belgrade and our services.

With our extensive contacts and connections built over many years throughout the city, we can offer our clients a unique and exclusive experience of Belgrade, even beyond what the locals could imagine. We are confident that with all of these advantages, there is no request too difficult when it comes to fulfilling our client’s wishes.

At present, we are in a leading position in terms of incoming tourism field in Belgrade. We strive to fulfill every guest’s desire and always put in strong efforts to make our clients happy. Despite our strong digital marketing efforts, still our main goal and advantage is positive word of mouth. We are proud to say that 1 out of 5 groups who use our services do so based on good reviews from their friends, and we find that amazing!

We will continue to maintain our high standards of service in the future.