About Us

It all began 7 years ago – me and my crew were traveling a lot, and therefore we were meeting many people from abroad. Back in time, when they were visiting us in Belgrade, we were putting all our efforts to show them all goods of Belgrade, provide them the best night life and introduce them to beautiful girls and boys.

We were taking them to the best places to eat – the dishes were sometimes vegetarian, sometimes they wanted to try something different like venison meat, duck, or lamb and sometimes the good Serbian traditional cuisine would do more than a fine job. And after a couple of these visits, I realized that we were very good at it! All of our friends that went home to their countries started spreading beautiful words about our city and everything in it.

Soon after, without surprise, friends of our friends became interested in Belgrade, so they started calling us for help. After many rounds like this, we decided to make a business from it. Eventually, we started working and we were working 4 years without website, without office, we didn’t even have a facebook page! Our advertisement was only the good experience from previous clients – from mouth to mouth advertisement – and it was going very well.

After 5 years, we decided to open an office that is located in the main pedestrian and the most famous street in Belgrade, “Knez Mihailova“ , so that people can find us easily, and at the time, we were operating as Night Life Solutions Belgrade. We’ve put some nice advertisement on the street, girls were sharing flyers, and those small details made our business go crazy. So we decided that it is time to make this agency a little more professional – now we have a few drivers employed, guide persons, we also hired different language speakers, including guides in Arabic, Turkish , German, Italian. To make long story short, Night Life Solutions Belgrade – the best Belgrade guide agency for a year and a half, decided to make an online presentation! We are giving everybody the opportunity to find out more about Belgrade on our MoreThanBelgrade.com website.

Considering my contacts and connections across the whole city, I can assure you that you won’t regret reaching out to our agency. I was able to show our clients different and exclusive Belgrade, better then they can dream of, even for the locals. Using all these advantages, I’m confident that there is no impossible thing to do when it comes to our client’s wishes.

These days, with agency working amazing, we can fulfill easily every guest’s desire, and we are always putting strong effort to make our clients happy.
Our primary goal is not profit – our goal is a good word spreading. We can now proudly say that 4 out of 5 groups for which we provide service are calling in based on a good review from their friends and we find that amazing! We will make sure to keep up the good work in time ahead us.

We are happy to hear your demands and wishes and make the best schedule in Belgrade for you.
So don`t hesitate – call us today and find out why people love us and our service!
Our office is still in Knez Mihailova 21a , office 65 . Working hours from 14 – 20 h from Tuesday to Saturday.

Come and visit us, or contact us via viber, whatsapp:

PHONE CALL, (Viber, WhatsApp) : +38160 434 66 22

E-Mail : office@morethanbelgrade.com

CEO of MoreThanBelgrade.com , Night Life Solutions Belgrade