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Diya, Mumbai


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Yes, Serbia really has something to offer. We are young couple, in the time we visited Serbia in 2018 ( i know i am a bit late with this review 😀 ) we were less than one year in marriage. We visit some neighboring countries as well on our two weeks European holiday. In Serbia we spend 5 days, 3 of 5 were organized and guided with More Than Belgrade agency, they took us on a trip around Serbia each day different city ( region). It was marvelous some of the places they took us I am pretty sure we wouldn’t find them on our own, service was very professional and what I want to point out was their will to change the schedule during the trip when we wanted to. The guide Milena was really at our disposal and so kind and helpful!

We visited Uvac canyon and ice cave, Tara mountain and city of Bajna basta (not sure did I pronounce well) on Drina river, Perucac lake, and on the last day Mokra Gora and Kustendorf. Every place is worth going, it’s really beautiful.

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