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The Ultimate Serbia Private Hunting Tours.

Planning a trip to Serbia and you are a passionate hunter? Contact us and we will inform you about our Serbia guided tours for hunters or create a custom one just for you and your company.

Serbia’s hunting areas, which consist of both free-range and fenced estates enable different types and kinds of hunting available for you. Serbia Boar hunting is excellent, and Roebucks are large. Deer hunting in Serbia offers a variety – red deer, fallow deer, and mouflon. The bird hunting in Serbia is exciting as well – Wild quail, pigeons, pheasants, geese and especially duck hunt in Serbia is exciting.

Hunting tourism in Serbia has strict rules regulated by Serbia hunting laws that one has to obey and fulfill before embarking on our hunting tour but your More Than Belgrade agent will arrange them for you.

Hunting Serbia tour begins early in the dawn, when we pick you up in front of your hotel and take you to the hunting area in Eastern Serbia, about 100 kilometers from Belgrade. There you will get all necessary equipment, and training from professional hunting expert if needed, or to assist you if you are already experienced hunter. There are different types and organizations of hunting games in Serbia, and especially popular is the one where you hunt ducks from cruising ship.

After whole day of activities and hunting in nature you can enjoy lunch specially made for you and your group cooked from local specials or we can organize a barbecue on the ship if you wish. There are many Serbia hunting tours, contact us and we will let you know more about them. Due to a variety of hunting areas as well as to different species Serbia hunting season lasts throughout the year.

Contact us and find out which hunting season is open for which species at the moment of your visit.

Hunting is an excellent activity for you and your friends especially interesting for the bachelor holiday. The size for the group of hunters is unlimited while we also arrange tours for one hunter as well.

If you still think it is best for you to organize a hunting tour on your own, we hope you can find useful information on the official Tourism Organization of Serbia website.

All the permits done.
Maximum help of the local guide.
Unique experience of hunting from a boat
Enjoy local food specialties in nature after an active day of hunting

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