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We will hire a private photographer to capture all the stunning moments of your special events.

Photo is telling more than a thousand words, a photo is the best way to capture a moment and to save it from forgetting.

Included #coolstuff

  • 4 hours hire of private professional photographer.
  • Possible in a night conditions such as night clubs etc.
  • Capturing every moment of your special event.
  • You get all the material, on flash drive or by e-mail. + 20 best photos specially edited.
  • Possibility of photo development on sight.

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Itinerary #All about service

People are wasting too much precious time in holidays, instead of living every moment, by taking out the phone , finding who will take a shoot, so many attempts to make a perfect photo, and again and again a waste of time….

If you consider yourself as VIP the way we consider you – you should have your private paparazzo…Professional photographer, who will follow you all the time of your journey and capture all your special moments and your surroundings.

At the end of your enjoyable time, he will publish photos for you instantly right in front of you, with a letter mark you decide, for example, Marco`s stag party in Belgrade.

And of course, since we are living in digital time he is sending you a full gallery on your email to or giving you on CD-disk if you demand so.

Each one of us probably thinks that we can just take fine photos by phone camera, but this is not comparable to educated photographer with professional equipment. Don`t miss a chance to show everyone high-quality photos from your remarkable holiday in Belgrade and the price of this special service is very affordable anyways.

Private Paparazzo is also a great service to have in Belgrade night clubs, let all those girls and boys questioning who are you? – when there is a lot of flashing from your VIP section, and your photographer is capturing every good moment at your table.

Make a great photo with local girls and boy, let him capture you while dancing crazy, someday you will love to remember those moments.

Our photographers are discrete and confident – Your photos are not saved in any database and will not be published anywhere, the only person who can manage those photos and share them will be you. Our photographer respect every direction from you so if it`s no photos with girls/boys …Without girls/boys it will be!

To get your Private Paparazzo just contact us!

Special Notes

Beside photo development on sight, you will get all the materials in electronic form as well.

Photographers can travel with you to other cities or countries.

Private Paparazzo can be booked for the same day, even though it is always better to book and plan the tours in advance.

This service is available all year round.

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Amazing service!


Airport Transfer

It was very easy communication and vehicle it came (Mercedes-Benz Sprinter)   manually  adopted into the really luxury one... i am frequent traveler and i never seen such a vehicle it was amazing and driver helped us with bags, so kind! Good work!

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Limo cruise in the Belgrade city ! :)


Airport Transfer

Even if our villa was litle bit remoted out of city center they delivered us with nice streetch limo right in front of it , driving along the tight streets! Me personally find it bit claustrophobic in limo but my friends had a great time !

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Limo tour

Paul, Sidney

Rent a Limo

This limo experience was wow! Indeed my company and I had a great time exploring the town with a style!

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Luxurious rental

Ricco, Lisabon

Chauffer & Lux Rent A car

We had such a nice time! It was an awesome new S class car! The driver was cool too..A very good experience and a great way to explore and cruise through town!

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High class security

Marco, Roma

VIP Protection

We use the help of for extra security on our corporate event in Belgrade city.The bodyguards were high level and very professional!

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Night out in Belgrade

Li, Hong Kong

Private paparazzo

This private paparazzo was anything but a private one hahaha Just kidding! The photographer took everything we wanted, but also made great photos of my team and me without being aware of it! We definitely have awesome pics now from our Belgrade...
Night out in Belgrade

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