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A bodyguard for personal protection is one of the options in MTB Concierge service.

Planning a visit to Belgrade and want to ensure your friends and family, colleagues, co-workers, party is extra safe and protected at each step? Look no further! Goes without saying that More Than Belgrade Team can arrange VIP protection in Belgrade for you while you are cruising Belgrade tour, Pub Crawl Tour, Experience Serbia, Bachelor Party or any other service that we provide.

Included #coolstuff

  • Private bodyguard hire per hour. Professional and elegantly dressed, wired to security central.
  • You think you need him or just want to impress people around you – he is there for you.
  • You can book this service on a same day.

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Itinerary #All about service

MTB team can assist you and hire a bodyguard in Belgrade that will be with you on every step and will follow you in all major events for you. If you want your bodyguard to shadow you, and not to be visible to others, we can arrange that as well.

Our protection associates that we work with are always sharp dressers, with a suit and tie and leave the impression on each event they show up at. Each bodyguard is connected through its earpiece with the main office and in any special case can ask for backup that will arrive in 10 minutes at the location in the city center. Additionally, all of them have excellent etiquette with gentleman manners. Each and every member of our rent a bodyguard Belgrade team speak English fluently.

Do you need extra security in Belgrade?

Our answer is no.

Belgrade is a very safe and secure city. But however, we do understand the need for additional protection and safety at every step, especially when our client is important and famous.

In other cases, like when a client wishes to impress and create a certain image about him, we understand these types of situations as well and are at your disposal.

When can private protection services be most handy?

Private protection in Belgrade service is perfect for night club tours, and it comes very handy to have someone who will prevent unwanted persons to come close to you and your group. Moreover, on the night out it is very convenient to have your own VIP concierge in Belgrade that will prevent any unwanted photos taken by paparazzi.

Possibilities for renting a bodyguard in Belgrade are numerous. You can hire a bodyguard for an hour or more, 24 hours or for more than a day. You can hire one or a team of bodyguards. You can choose to hire male or female bodyguards. Contact us and be in our safe hands while visiting Belgrade.

Special Notes

This Belgrade concierge service is available 24/7/365

If your group is not sure how many bodyguards you need, contact us and we will provide you with an estimate and suggestion based on our experience.

Security personal can travel with you to other cities and countries.

All security professionals are very experienced and reputable in the industry.

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