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The best day tours from Belgrade in one stunning full holiday schedule.

Planning to spend a holiday in Belgrade and would like to use the opportunity to explore Serbian landscapes, landmarks and cities? Below you can find just one of many Full Holiday Schedules that Explore Serbia. In this exemplary full holiday schedule, you can get a feeling and idea of Serbia guided tours and Serbia excursions that we recommend.

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  • Visit best sights in Serbia
  • Every day in different city
  • Enjoy magnificent nature of our country
  • Meet the local people and their customs. Try local specialties.
  • Comfortable car private transfer
  • Contact us and get most of your Serbia visit

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Full Holiday Schedule



Itinerary #All About the Tour

In this schedule transfers to and from each destination are provided and done with the high-class vehicle, type of vehicle depends on the number of people in the group. Transfer is included in every step of the schedule so it will not be specially noted on each tour.

All tours, guides, transfers provided in Full Holiday Schedule – Explore Serbia are private and specially organized for you.

Accommodation booking in accordance with your preferences is included as well.

1st Day


Transfer from the Airport to your Hotel


Lunch at Mali Kalemegdan Restaurant, a beautiful restaurant surrounded by nature located at Belgrade Fortress.

Rich Lunch + one drink per person included.

15:00 – 20:00

City Tour

Visiting all popular Belgrade attractions, Kalemegdan (medieval fortress from Ottoman empire), Saint Sava Temple, Museum of Nikola Tesla, Parliament building, Republic’s Square, Bajrakli mosque, Skadarlija – a beautiful old bohemian quarter with musicians and lot of restaurants, and much more in a private tour with a professional English-speaking guide.

Inclusions: Transfers, Professional guide, Tickets.

21:00 Dinner at Magaza Gastro Bar.

One of the most popular & trendy places in the city, located in luxurious area of the city, by the river bank.

Lovely menu of Magaza restaurant can satisfy all tastes, meat lovers, vegetarians, Italian food lovers, easy food lovers, best steak and etc.

Rich dinner + unlimited premium wine & drafted beer included.

2nd Day



Lunch at Ada Lake in a nice restaurant on the beach –  rich lunch + one drink included.

13:30 – 16: 30

Wellness & Spa experience

3 hours at the private wellness spa, in the city center located on 700 square meters contains sauna, Turkish bath, salt caves, tepidarium, swimming pool with salt water and aqua jet.

30 minutes of massage per person is also included.

Vitamin bar optional.

16:30 – 20: 00



Visit Ada lake, walk around the lake’s beautiful nature with sand beaches popularly known as “Belgrade Sea”. This is where thousands of local people come to swim, lay on the sun, drink at the bars, relax and enjoy. Activities as bungee jumping, aqua ski, climbing, etc. are optional.

2 hours cycling

2 hours walking

20:00 – 21:00

Quick rest at the Hotel.

21: 15

Dinner at Tri Šešira”  restaurant, one of the top 3 restaurants in every review, located in the magical area of Skadarlija, where time has stopped for centuries, the street with old buildings and traditional musicians everywhere, this old bohemian quarter is must –visit!

Rich dinner + one drink included.

3rd Day

10:00 – 18:00

Novi Sad and Sremski Karlovci with a wine tasting tour.

Novi Sad, the capital city of Autonomous Region Vojvodina is 80 kilometers northern from Belgrade, over the E-75 highway. This rich cultural and historic region is why we recommend

Thanks to its position on the cost of the river Danube, once was the border between two empires, Austro-Hungary on the north and Ottoman on the south and with the charter of Queen Maria Theresa it gets the status of free royal city Neoplanta in 1748. Thanks to the mixing of different nations and ethnic groups, Novi Sad with a population of 250 000 is a truly multicultural environment and is the example of a truly modern European city.

Novi Sad

The tour of Novi Sad includes the walk through the pedestrian zone in the city center. Novi Sad is the second biggest city in country and with its Habsburg monarchy history, it becomes a valuable part of Serbia tourism.

We will walk through: Dunavska (Danube) and Zmaj Jovina street, which are the main walking zones of the city, City Hall, Freedom Square (Trg Slobode), The Name of Mary Church, Catholic Cathedral and courtyard, the house of Mileva Einstein – the wife of Albert Einstein, The Synagogue in Jewish street, Matica Srpska – the oldest cultural institution of Serbia, and the city beach Štrand.

In Novi Sad, you will enjoy lunch in famous restaurant “Lazin Salas”, where you will try out lovely specialties of authentic Vojvodina traditional cuisine.

Petrovaradin fortress

Next, we cross to the right side of the Danube coast and go to Petrovaradin Fortress. Founded on the grounds of a medieval edifice, the fortress was built by the Austrians in the 17th and 18th centuries as a pillar of defense against the invasion of the Turks. They call it the “Gibraltar of Danube”, because of its position. Today the fortress is famous for the most prestigious European music festival “Exit”.

Sremski Karlovci

Sremski Karlovci, positioned on the slopes of Fruškagora, representing the true gemstone of Serbian culture and spirituality. With its baroque town lake, Patriarchy Palace, Congregational church of Saint Nikola and Catholic Church of Trinity, first Serbian gymnasium form 1881 and the library of the gymnasium of Karlovci, this is the town that earned its name “museum town”. Also worth mentioning, the manifestation that celebrates wine and grapes “Grožđenbal”.

Tour includes transfer service, wine tasting in Sremski Karlovci, entrances in Chapel of Peace, sightseeing of Novi Sad and services of the professional tour guide, Lunch.


Dinner in Belgrade – Hush Hush restaurant. Impressive place by the river bank with amazing selection of food and live music performance.

Rich dinner + all drinks unlimited included.

4th Day

Manasija Monastery, Lisine waterfalls and Resava Cave guided tour.

After breakfast, we depart to Manasija monastery from 15th century which is the endowment of great despot Stefan. It is one of the most beautiful and important Serbian monasteries. It is fortified with 11 towers with walls between. Inside of the monastery are valuable frescoes and icons from famous European artists of the 15th century.

Follows a visit to Resava cave, 80 million years old which makes it one of the oldest in this region, with cave jewelry that dates 45 million years ago. It is also considered to be one of the most beautiful caves in region and makes Serbia tourism unique.

Then we proceed to Lisine waterfall where we will relax and have lunch by the waterfall where we will have great fish. After lunch, we continue the trip back to Belgrade.

Inclusions: Transfer service, English speaking guide, entrance fees according to program. Lunch.


Dinner at Milosev Konak, Belgrade restaurant with biggest tradition and best representative of Serbian cuisine, located in Belgrade nature park Topčider.

Rich dinner plus one drink included.

5th Day



Avala is one of the first associations to Belgrade, located at only 30 minutes drive from Belgrade city. Quickly coming to this predominantly low mountain, and you’ll definitely enjoy its beauties.

As a protected natural resort, Avala hides numerous plant and animal species and is one of the favorite resorts of Belgrade. Silence, peace, and tranquility you are surrounded by, make every visitor fall in love with it and return to it.

Monument to the Unknown Hero is certainly one of the symbols of this mountain. The path to the monument is paved by steps. Once you approach the gate, behind which is a mausoleum dedicated to an unnamed fighter from World War I, will give you a fantastic view over Belgrade, part of Vojvodina and Sumadija.

Not far away, at the lower summit of Avala is Tower of Avala (205m tall), built-in 1965, destroyed during the NATO bombing that it was rebuilt in 2010. Beautiful and grand, from which you can enjoy a splendid view and a rare experience. The view from the terrace of the Avala tower basks in a colorful landscape that stretches in front of you and will enchant and relax you. Avala Tower is a place of ease, relaxation, and enjoyment.

Avala experience completes with local restaurants that will serve you great Serbian specialties, as well as retailers, creators of souvenirs and magical artifacts.

You will enjoy lunch based on traditional Serbian cuisine specialties, in ethno surroundings of the famous restaurant “Carapicev Brest” .

Included: Tickets, Transfers, Professional guide, Lunch.


Boat Sightseeing

– 2 hours exclusive boat rental with a captain, cruising down the Danube and Sava river, panoramic sightseeing on Belgrade Fortress (medieval fortress), big War Island, Confluence of Danube and Sava River,  Belgrade clubs known as “splavs“, which are on boats/rafts along the river banks.



Cruise restaurant is a great restaurant on the Sava River, with lovely wood interior and beautiful garden on the water.

Rich Dinner + one drink included.

6th Day

Western Serbia

In the morning hours, after breakfast at the hotel, we check out and depart for the western part of Serbia, world-famous for its natural beauties and wealth of gastronomic tradition.

Western Serbia, so-called Serbian highlands, and Zlatibor mountain as its pearl is 200 kilometers away from Belgrade. Intact nature, hospitality and a lot of food are the things that you can find here.

Zlatibor (literally “golden pine”) is one of the top tourist destinations in Serbia after Belgrade and it is also Serbia’s most visited mountain, with a wide range of opportunities for active holiday pursuits such as walking, riding bike, horseback riding, quad safari or taking part in the special slimming and healthy life programs. A mountain of exceptional beauty with a mild climate, woodland valleys, grasslands, brooks, and pine.

Western Serbia is famous for amazing food specialties such as komplet lepinja, Zlatibor`s beef prosciutto, lamb dishes, cheese from Zlatibor, kajmak and much more. You will have the opportunity to try all of them and more, at lunch in some of the famous restaurants on Zlatibor mountain.

Follows a visit to Mokra Gora so-called Wooden city or Kustendorf made by world-famous movie director Emir Kusturica who won twice prestige Palm de Kan award for his movies, in Kan, France.  It is special style village made for movie set but now is one of the most popular tourist attractions in this region.  This unique fairy tale place consists of traditional wooden houses from different parts of western Serbia with many additional facilities.

This is the place of the famous Kustendorf movie festival which many Hollywood stars attended: Johnny Depp, Monica Bellucci, Nikita Mikhalkov, etc. We will have lunch in a local restaurant with amazing specialties. Trip back to Belgrade. Overnight.

Included: Tickets, Transfers, Professional guide, Lunch.


7th Day

History tour along the Danube River

Danube is the second-longest river in Europe, and it reaches its maximum in Serbia, with the greatest width of 6.5 kilometers, and greatest depth of 92 meters, and it formed the longest gorge in Europe – Djerdap Gorge that’s 99 kilometers long. Some of the first European civilizations were spread in this area. The Danube is a very important part of Serbian tourism.

Visit the Smederevo Fortress, the biggest lowland fortress of Europe. Follows a visit to Viminacium, one of the largest Roman cities above which no new settlement was built. After that, we will take to attend the Golubac Fortress guided tour, one of the most beautiful medieval fortresses on the Danube. Here the Danube is the widest (6,5 km) and that’s just before the Djerdap Gorge, the largest gorge in Europe where the Danube is deepest (92 meters). Afterward, we will continue toward Lepenski Vir archaeological site, the oldest urban settlement in Europe (7000 years BC).

Lunch at ethno-complex on the hill above the Danube will be excellent refreshment. Before heading back to Belgrade, we can organize cruise along Djerdap Gorge or light airplane flight over the Danube and Eastern Serbia.

Viminacium was the capital of the Roman province of Moesia Superior and was rebuilt by Justinian I after being destroyed by Huns in 440. In the late 6th century, the city was destroyed again and for all by Avar raiders. Today, the archaeological site contains remains of temples, streets, squares, amphitheaters, palaces, hippodromes, and Roman baths.

Golubac Fortress was built by the Hungarians, called Galambocz, on the same site as the Roman Castrum Columbarium. Golubac was captured by the Turks in 1391. and changed ownership several times before being finally reclaimed by the Serbs in 1867.

The Djerdap National Park is known as the “Iron Gates National Park”. A reference to the old Roman name, Porta Ferea, which was used to describe the narrowing limestone cliffs above the Danube river. The park’s most noteworthy feature is the Djerdap Gorge (the famous Iron Gate) itself. Djerdap Gorge stretches for well over 100 km in a boomerang shape, from Golubac to Tekija, forming the longest composite valley in the whole of Europe. At one point one of the greatest river depths in the world has been measured (82 m).

The early settlement of the Lepenski Vir was first uncovered in 1965. during one of the exploratory digging site that preceded the building of the Djerdap Dam. The site was excavated in the following year, and in 1967. the distinctive stone sculptures were discovered. The sculptures, mostly stylized life-size heads, are quite remarkable and appear to show human faces with the lips of fish. The carvings date back as far as about 5350 years B.C and are the oldest Mesolithic sculptures in all Europe.

Inclusions: Transfers, Professional guide, Entrance Charges, Lunch.

8th Day


 Thermal Riviera Bogatic Tour

Thermal Riviera has risen in one of richest geothermal spots water discovered in Europe on the territory of Bogatic, a small city in Serbia just one hour from Bosnia and Herzegovina border. It’s using very quality springs of thermal water up to 70 degrees that is cooled naturally to an appropriate temperature suitable for comfortable by people.

This waters with its chemical structure and temperature create a healing effect on users.

Thermal Riviera Center offers a high-quality program for visitors, with enjoyable indoor and outdoor pools, outdoor hot tub, pool bar, warm beds, traditional cuisine restaurant and much more, throughout the year.

Just imagine swimming in pleasantly warm water in an outdoor pool surrounded by steam and at the same time snow or rain falling from the sky, people who tried it know it’s a magical feeling.

Furthermore, Thermal Riviera Center works from early morning to midnight so you can go ahead and enjoy a late evening relaxing in this small paradise.

Inclusions: Professional guide, Entrance Charges, Lunch (Food specialties of this region of Serbia).


9th Day



Lunch at “Amsterdam” restaurant, a classy restaurant on the Danube river, with amazing view on a Big War Island, and delicious cuisine. Rich lunch + one drink included.


Karting center Audi concern, biggest karting center in the Balkans, great experience. Professional race included.


Shooting center Partizan, training with professional instructor included, shooting with different kinds of guns including optical one.


Escape Room, the game included.


Paintball Game, game included.


Quick rest at the Hotel.


Dinner at Comunale Restaurant. The international chain of Comunale restaurants finds a great spot on the river in Belgrade. French & Italian cuisine.

Rich dinner + one drink included.

10th Day


Transfer to Belgrade airport „Nikola Tesla“

End of the program

Contact us and leave the holiday organization in Belgrade to us.

Special Notes

Number of people for this schedule can be from 1 to as many you need

If not demanded differently guide speaking language will be English. On demand we can provide French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Arab and Russian.

Climate in Serbia is various, especially in mountains, so please be sure to dress well and bring warmer clothes.

While visiting Bogatic Thermal Riviera don’t forget to bring swimming clothes.

This schedule is just one example. We would love to hear your wishes and create new custom itinerary for you. With More Than Belgrade you just need to sit back, relax and we will take care of your holiday organization in Belgrade.

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