Spa & Massage Service

The best way to recharge is to unplug.

Want to experience really special and unique wellness & spa relaxation?

Among other tours and services that MTB provides is also a special massage in Belgrade service.

This Spa & Massage Service will enable you to rent out the whole wellness center (2000 square meters) just for you and your company. Wellness is located only 10 minutes drive from the city center near Ada Ciganlija Lake so usually, our customers decide to combine Wellness service followed by the Ada Ciganlija Tour of sightseeing the lake and all of its activities included with the lunch at the restaurant on the beach.

Spa & Wellness center experience

With our Spa & Massage service in an exclusive wellness center in Belgrade closed just for you we can arrange a serving of vitamin smoothies, alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. Music will be of course according to your taste and wish. Goes without saying that in the wellness & spa center you have the possibility to experience a massage from the best Serbian masseuses that this center employs exclusively. On premises of the wellness center, you will have full package robe, slippers, towels, and kind staff that speaks English fluently at your disposal at every moment, you just need to rest and relax. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy in sauna, swimming pool with salt water and aqua jet, tepidarium, turkish bat, salt room and much more.

Outcall Massage in Belgrade

More Than Belgrade clients do not have to go anywhere in order to get an excellent massage, we will arrange for professional therapeute to come to your hotel room.

Since we are known to provide only high professional service we can also accommodate individual appointments or if you are a group you can book more than 20 masseuses at the same time without any problem.

Our Massage & Spa Service allows you to choose from more than 10 types of massages and two of them specially stand out: Royal 4 hands massage and Thai Massage. With Royal 4 hands massage 2 therapists will take care of you and do simultaneous massage for full relaxation & recuperation.

Thai Massage in Belgrade

Thai Massage in Belgrade is performed by highly skilled and experienced therapists, who were trained abroad. With Thai Massage, you will be healed and recovered by acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles and yoga postures. Everything is arranged by one call, text message or email to your More Than Belgrade agent. Moreover, if you are looking for a recommendation on where to go for a good massage just contact us and we will be more than happy to give you our recommendations for the best Spa in Belgrade.

Relaxing! Reload your mind and refresh your body!
deluxe spa complex with exclusive access.
Don't bother to go anywhere. A massage specialist will come to your room.
Boost yourself with fresh drinks from a vitamin bar in the Spa center.

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