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Enjoy best nightlife in Europe like a VIP.

Excellent nightlife is what Belgrade is known for all over the world.

Planning a visit to Belgrade and wish to experience even for one evening Belgrade nightlife?

Then you are in the right place! With MTB team you will experience in style all the wonders Belgrade at night has to offer. We have more than 10 years of experience working with the best night clubs in Belgrade and that cooperation is one of the reasons why our guests are always welcomed and appreciated in each night club.

With MTB on your night out in Belgrade, you get the best service and protection from any hustle as well. One more reason why we recommend partying in Belgrade is the fact that Belgrade nightlife prices are half of the prices of other metropolitan cities in Europe.

Experience only the best of the best clubs in Belgrade such as Bank nightclub Belgrade, Freestyler nightclub Belgrade, Mr.Stefan Braun nightclub Belgrade, Lasta nightclub Belgrade, Hype nightclub Belgrade, etc.

You can choose if you wish to go just in a club with VIP treatment or you wish us to organize the whole evening of your dreams where we will make sure that on the beginning you taste food in one of most prestigious restaurants, followed by Pub Crawl in Belgrade, continued with visit to some of the best striptease bars in Belgrade, and will be only the warm-up for great night in nightclubs.

With our Belgrade nightlife guide, you will never wait in line and will always be seated at the best table in the club. Moreover, bottles of premium liquor brands will be served to you and if you like our friendly hostess will keep you company. Your Nightlife Tour begins when our professional chauffeur meets you in front of your hotel in a luxurious vehicle and comfortably transfers to your destination in accordance with a previously established itinerary.

When your crazy night out ends in early morning hours, when it is difficult to find an available cab or even worse you could run into illegal taxi vehicles which wouldn’t be a pleasant experience for your budget – well you don’t need to worry about these situations. Our private chauffeur and vehicle will be waiting for you outside the club and once you are ready to leave, we will be ready to comfortably transport you from nightlife kingdom to your hotel room.

Pick the best nightlife tour for you or even better contact us so we could arrange a custom tour for you.

enjoy the company of our friendly hostess
you will not wait in a line
you won`t miss a busiest parties
VIP transfer and drop back when you decide it`s enough

Video is freeing, but also lazier. You have to recreate the love of the moment.

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