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New Year

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MILOŠEV KONAK – New Year, New Year’s Eve 2020

Restaurant Milošev konak is one of the best and oldest restaurants in Belgrade.

For more than half a century, its quality justifies its reputation, and it is also a part of the historical heritage because it used to serve for the personal needs of famous Serbian ruler Miloš Obrenović.

Full of traditions and history, and at the same time with an elegant interior, this restaurant is the perfect choice for all kinds of celebrations, as well as for the New Year’s Eve. Past years, of the legendary New Year’s Eve celebration, were being preached throughout the city, so there is no doubt that this year’s welcoming will be unforgettable as well.

A rich gourmet dinner and an all-inclusive beverage package are included in the price of the ticket, and experienced staff will fulfill every wish so you can have the best time during the celebration.

There is also a large parking lot in front of the restaurant, as well as a free internet which will come in handy in the midnight when phone networks are overloaded.

If you want to step in the year 2020 in the pleasant ambiance of proven quality in, then restaurant Milošev konak is the excellent choice for you.

“MILOŠ” room – If you prefer smaller celebrations and a more intimate atmosphere, the cozy room on the floor of the restaurant is ideal for a more private New Year’s celebration. At the same price and with an all-inclusive menu, you can enjoy the New Year’s Eve in the MILOŠEVA SOBA with a music repertoire of Serbian folk and pop music.



With the sounds of the biggest hits of the local music, you just have to relax and enjoy yourself like in the good old times.

BALTIC BEND  will take care of the atmosphere and memorable celebration.


The price of tickets of 40 € in the restaurant hall includes a rich dinner and an all-inclusive drink package, according to the above specification, and a seating place for a banquet at the festive table.

In our offer, Milošev Konak also has a gold hall with tickets of 50 € (take a look at the map below).


Rich dinner, a food menu at New Year’s Eve – unlimited consumption:

Milošev Konak snack

  • beef and pork prosciutto, kulen sausage, urnebes salad, duvan čvarci, ajvar, cornbread, cheese pie, kajmak, cheese, Russian salad, stuffed paprika…

Lean dishes

  • Risotto with vegetables

Main course

  • Rolled veal with kajmak sauce and potatoes
  • Roast chops with a sauce of the dried plums
  • Chicken white meat with grilled vegetables

Main (lean) course

  • Smoked trout with Dalmatian wort
  • The fillet in milling mode
  • Potato salad

Various pastries/bread


  • Vitamin salad
  • Winter salad
  • Serbian traditional salad


  • Cherries and ice cream pie
  • Homemade cream pie with a sauce of forest fruits

Dessert (lean)

  • Cherry pie
  • Baklava

During the New Year’s Eve, guests will be able to enjoy unlimited drinks menu:

  • Pelinkovac
  • Martini
  • Campary
  • Vodka
  • Vinjak
  • Rakia: plum, apricot, quince, peer, lozovača
  • Red wine Vranac 13 jul, Kratosija Tikveš
  • White wine Krstač 13.jul, Smederevka Tikveš
  • Rose wine Rubin
  • Beer: Jelen and Nikšićko
  • Juices (Coca-Cola, Fanta, apple, peach, orange…)
  • Coffee (homemade, non-coffee, espresso coffee)
  • Water (sparkling and still)



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One Tip!

If you prefer fancier and modern designed places Milosev Konak might not be the right place for you. But if you would like to experience the magnificent spirit of the medieval Serbian court in the New year Eve 2020, than Milošev Konak is a place to be.

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