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Club is actually placed in the bridge – Branko’s Bridge

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Brankow night club is very special by its location, the club is actually placed in the bridge – Branko’s Bridge (one of most important Belgrade bridges) and that makes it unique in Europe. But still this is not the reason why Brankow club is so popular , it`s, of course, the best electronic music, mix of R’n’B , house and techno, which you can find in Brankow, very friendly staff and the fact that Brankow night club is a second home for many beautiful girls in Belgrade.

Brankow night club as a winter club is open in late autumn, winter and early spring. Usually from November to May . Owners of the Brankow night club are guilty for amazing river club Lasta – one of the wide known Belgrade nightlife hot spots in summer.

One of the most popular nights in Brankow night club is Thursday night when the main point is on R`n` B music style. Crazy local girls twerking around, no option to find a free VIP table, you can’t even find a place to put a needle on the bar, yes that`s how we can describe in short well known Thursdays in Brankow, delicious part of Belgrade at night.

If you are cocktail consumer and lover, we should suggest you Brankow because one of the best bartenders Serbia can offer are employees of the club and making tons of magic in the glass each night.

Brankow club is not one of the big clubs in Belgrade Nightlife, and capacity is around 300 persons. Brankow club Dress code is mix of casual and elegance, and sports wearing is strictly forbidden. The age limit for Brankow club is 21 age and older. Brankow club pricing list is not something that should worry about, because prices are average and slighlty cheaper than other clubs of the same type. Factoring that club is busy all the time reservations are required and strongly recommended.

To get one, you can use one of More Than Belgrade VIP NightLife Tours. And as a part of it we will first take you to some of the beautiful restaurants near river for nice dinner, after to relax at massage salon, and with quick station at some of the warming up pubs and striptease bars we will continue to Brankow club were we are providing VIP entrance without waiting and best VIP seating table. All transfers between places with VIP car….. Or you can just use our free reservation system and make a confident reservation at Brankow. In case of any issue in the club you can call us 00-24 hours.

Hope we helped you to learn more about Brankow club.

Your More Than Belgrade team!

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One Tip!

Even though it is not so big club and it’s not the freshest place in the city, people go to Brankow club to dance, sweat and get a party to the next level, and we are sure you will enjoy it.
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