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One of the best representatives of Belgrade nightlife it`s definitely Lasta river night club, like the most of the popular summer clubs in the city Lasta is also one of the splavs (Belgrade unique boat clubs placed like a raft on the river bank ). Located on the Sava river bank behind the Belgrade`s fair.

Lasta night club management were pioneers of bringing the new style of electronic music in the city, and as well some of the biggest DJ names were performing at Lasta. Club itself is a synonym for urban youth of Belgrade at night, and because of the large number of beautiful Serbian girls attending each night became very popular among the tourist too. If you want to feel the real vibe of Belgrade nightlife than Lasta is the right place to do it. Crazy atmosphere parties until the 5,6 am, friendly personal, lovely girls, best music, tons of alcohol, beautiful view on River all those things you can find in Lasta night club.

Here in More Than Belgrade VIP service we use Lasta frequently as one of our stations for Belgrade night clubs experience, regular part of our VIP concierge service, and it proves very good especially for stag parties. We usually have a great feedback when we take a group on a VIP night life tour and after best dinner place, massage place visit, best striptease bar, and some good pub for warming up, when after all of that Lasta comes as a cheery on the cake , we only get delightful comments and we are happy to see our guys had spend so many remarkable nights on Lasta.

So by all means we can freely say you must visit Lasta. If you are not intend to use our VIP night life tour service , make it easy for you and contact as and make a free reservation at Lasta night club.

Reservations are free but strictly required! We will take care that you get the desired table for sure and on any other issue you can call us 0-24 h! The pricing list in Lasta is way cheaper than clubs of the same level in other European cities.

I hope we helped you to know Lasta night club better your More Than Belgrade team!

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If you want to listen to top rated songs then Lasta isn’t a place for you. Typical guest of Lasta night club is passionate about discovering, learning and experiencing diversified music genres.
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