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Located in the largest and most famous, unavoidable Belgrade park in the city center, in Kalemegdan

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About the Restaurant

RESTAURANT MALI KALEMEGDAN (Eng. : Litlle Kalemegdan) is located in the largest and most famous, unavoidable Belgrade park in the city center, in Kalemegdan, next to basketball courts. In the shade, soured between the Kalemegdan trees, it is an ideal place for afternoon breaks and breaks from the bustling atmosphere of the city asphalt. And that’s what makes the unusual magic of “Little Kalemegdan” different from other taverns.

Tavern Mali Kalemegdan can accommodate 250 people, who have a professional service and a very rich selection of local and international drinks, as well as an excellent music program. Lovers of high-quality home-made wines, top quality and quality local plum brandy, apricot and quince brandy, will find a true paradise for all senses in the restaurant Mali Kalemegdan, and with the acoustic old-age folk music, they will feel an unforgettable spirit of welcome and hospitality.

During the summer, the garden of Mali Kalemegdan restaurant is the perfect choice for organizing celebrations of all important dates – birthdays, girls or the bachelor evenings and parties.

The staff of the tavern likes to boast that people in their tavern come alone and come out with four godfathers. They add that beside them they can find a brother or a sister, a girl or a boy, a husband or a wife, a favorite bartender or a musician. You can find all those little things that make life beautiful and which this tavern makes so special!


A place where you can relax and feel pleasant and very comfortable after a long walk through the city center. The ambient atmosphere and ambiance of a park, along with large and delicious food portions here, are the right place to enjoy.

The restaurant is very popular, so u will need to make a reservation in advance.
Contact us for reservations! Free of charge!

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