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About the Restaurant

Restaurant Mali Kalemegdan (Eng: Little Kalemegdan) is located in the largest and most famous, unavoidable Belgrade park in the city center, in Kalemegdan, next to the Art Pavilion “Cvijeta Zuzorić”. In the shade, nestled between the trees of Kalemegdan, it is an ideal place for afternoon lunch, dinner, or just a break from the bustling atmosphere of the city asphalt. And that’s exactly the unusual magic which makes Mali Kalemegdan different from other taverns.

Where is the best place to eat at Belgrade Fortress? We recommend Mali Kalemegdan

Kalemegdan is the name of Belgrade Fortress. That name originates from the era of the Ottoman Empire. The fortification was historically used for the defense of the city, hence the name. In the Turkish language, Kale means “fortress” and megdan means “battlefield”. Hence, the name of the restaurant reflects not just the location, but also the soul of this historical place.

The cuisine is mostly national, and ingredients are sourced from Serbian farms and producers. So, join us for the traditional breakfast. Choose the rich Serbian breakfast, with 3 eggs, sausage, french fries, mustard, and feta cheese. Otherwise, if you prefer something lighter, buckwheat flour polenta with homemade sour cream is the best option. Start your lunch with veal cream soup or noodles soup, and charcuterie – cheese&meat platter. For the main course, we suggest any of their house specialties, such as smoked sausage, grilled pork ribs, pljeskavica – spiced meat patty, and of course – famous Kalemegdan’s jar.

And don’t forget dessert! Homemade cherry pie or plum pie will make you feel like you are eating from grandma’s kitchen!

Delicacy of Mali Kalemegdan – Kalemegdan’s Jar

The top specialty of this restaurant is the tasty Kalemegdan’s jar. Ćevapčići are served in an earthenware jar, in a special sauce made of paprika and “kajmak”. What are ćevapčići? Also known as ćevapi, it is a grilled dish of minced meat (beef, lamb, pork, or mixed). Usually, between 5 and 10 pieces are served on a plate, together with bread, vegetables, and cheese. And kajmak is a traditional local, creamy dairy product, similar to cottage cheese. Even before visiting the restaurant, you can check their full offer on their menu. For your convenience, we placed it at the bottom of this page, just below this text.

Tavern Mali Kalemegdan can accommodate 250 people. Each guest will experience a professional service and a very rich selection of local and international drinks, as well as an excellent music program. Lovers of world-class home-made wines, and top-quality brandies, made of plum, apricot, and quince, will find a true paradise for all senses in the restaurant Mali Kalemegdan. And with the acoustic old-age folk music, they will feel an unforgettable spirit of hospitality.

The garden – perfect for events

Most of our groups that visited this restaurant liked the option of eating outdoors the most. The garden is the authentic trademark of this restaurant and in summer, it is a real sensation, which allows for incredible enjoyment. In the winter, guests can enjoy the charming atmosphere of the interior, which is in fact a small museum! The walls are decorated with ethno motives. The original tools from Serbian villages are placed on them, too. Some of them are even more than 100 years old!

During the summer, the garden of Mali Kalemegdan restaurant is the perfect choice for organizing celebrations of all important dates. They host birthday parties, hen evenings, bachelor evenings, and corporate events. You name it – and in cooperation with the restaurant, we will make it possible.

The staff of the tavern often says that people come in their tavern alone, but come out with four new “brothers”. That described the best how friendly the atmosphere is at this tavern. Of course, most of the guests have a favorite bartender and a musician here!  All those little things enrich life, make it beautiful and that’s exactly what makes this tavern so special!

Special offer, just for our guests!

If you need a place to relax and feel pleasant and very comfortable after a long walk through the city center, this is the one to go. The ambient, atmosphere, and view of a park, along with large and delicious food portions here, guarantee absolute enjoyment. If you are on the Belgrade city tour, Mali Kalemedgan is on the route. Therefore, it is a great stop for the refreshment and meal.

Unsurprisingly, the restaurant Mali Kalemegdan is very popular with both tourists and locals alike. Thus, you will need to make a reservation in advance. Of course, we can assist you with that. Just make a request and we will take care of everything!

To ensure your enjoyment of Serbian traditional food experience to its fullest, we can set up a personalized dinner menu. It will give you the option to taste everything from the restaurant’s delicious menu. A bonus is the option of unlimited consumption of all alcoholic and soft drinks! Let us know, and we will make it happen.

We all know that dinner is enjoyed the most in the company. If you are in Belgrade alone – do not worry. Go one step forward and check out our dinner in a beautiful company. Our friendly hostess will help you pick your meal and drink, tell you more about Serbian cuisine, and make you feel like a real Belgrader!

You are night clubs lover? Another idea is to explore Belgrade at night with us! Make this restaurant as the first station in one of our VIP nightlife tours.

Regardless of the tour you choose, we are sure that your moments in Belgrade will be unforgettable. In our city – Belgrade – everyone feels at home. We know that you will feel the same as well!

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