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Toro Latin Gastro Bar is charachterized by its unique menu which is based on the concept of small plates

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About the Restaurant

Toro Latin Gastro Bar is characterized by its unique menu which is based on the concept of small plates – the dishes are cut into pieces so that everyone at the table could have a slice. Inspired by the Belgrade’s energy and nightlife, the famous chef Richard Sandoval decided to open his first European restaurant right here, at Beton Hala (Concrete Hall).

The dishes are mainly Latin, made of fresh meat and vegetables which were previously chosen by the chef personally. For the lovers of beef steaks, this is positively the best place to be.

The restaurant also offers a variety of cocktails made of fresh fruit, as well as the special menu of Latin vines and shots. Toro Latin Gastro Bar is a place where most of the trendy people go out – it is a place where you can meet beautiful girls and boys, find friends and even have fun with celebrities.

Yes, this is the bar where our celebrities like to hang out and if you want to be seen in Belgrade, you should surely visit. During the day you can relax and enjoy the wine and the view, while in the evening you can have fun with some cocktails and Latin beats provided by the restaurant’s DJs.

This place is one of the most popular places in town, so sometimes it is necessary to have a reservation to get in, especially during the weekend. Therefore, use the form on our website to make free reservations at the restaurant Toro Latin Gastro Bar, and we will assure you that you will get some of the best tables when your reservations come from More Than Belgrade team.

The restaurant is very popular, so u will need to make a reservation in advance.
Contact us for reservations! Free of charge!

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