Log cabin rental in Serbia


Are you wondering what can you do in Serbia this February? Do crave to spend a peaceful and romantic getaway, far away from the crowds? If your answer is yes, our idea is the log cabin rental.

Log cabin rental in Serbia

Luckily, Serbia is full of interesting cottages and log cabins all around the country. They are not necessarily in mountains. Some of them are in the flatlands, and some are in our famous ethno-villages. Many of them have a fireplace, which really enhances the romantic atmosphere in them. Options for log cabin rental are even wider if you do not specifically need the fireplace. Just for you, we prepared a list of some of our famous log cabins in Serbia.

Danube Lux

Even though this is not the exact log cabin rental spot, Danube Lux villa certainly feels like one. This villa is very close to Belgrade itself, and it is just 22 km away from the airport. The interior is brand new and with modern furniture, equipment, and all the amenities you will need for a pleasant stay. In summer, the visitors can enjoy the pool and lovely yard, overlooking the Danube. Can you imagine a better view than that? The place can accommodate up to 12 people, so it is ideal for a small-scale celebration with your group of friends or colleagues. You don’t even have to worry about food because just next to it, there is a restaurant.


Zaovine Lake log cabin

Zaovine Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes on Tara – our famous national park and mountain. There are plenty of lovely cabins there.  One of them, which is actually named after Zaovine Lake, is a complex built only out of natural materials – woods and stones. You can rent one of the cabins, which of course has all the modern amenities and excellent central heating. But the best feature of those cabins is something very simple – the view of Zaovine Lake. We can’t even decide if it is better in winter than in summer. You can either get cozy and warm in the beautiful interior during the long winter days or get active or just enjoy in the yard during shiny days of summer. In any case, you can enjoy a barbecue here, as they have an indoor designed place just for that!


Log cabin on the Drina

You have probably heard of Drina – one of the most beautiful and cleanest rivers in Europe. And now, you have the opportunity to rent a place exactly on the river bank. Can you imagine yourself in a kitchen like this, making coffee for you and your loved one? And then drinking it slowly while looking upon the river from the balcony or from the window? We think that there is nothing better than that and that those are small but important memories.


Golija log cabin – Orlovo gnezdo

We continue in the winter spirit, so we will just remind you of Golija, the hospitable destination and paradise for adventurers. Orlovo gnezdo (in English: Eagle’s nest) is a romantic place awaiting you in Golija. You have certainly seen such images in documentaries about Scandinavia, but we are here to tell you that in Serbia, such places are very common too! So come here and feel like in a fairy tale. On the glass-enclosed balcony, you can enjoy the best homemade food, and plan your activities. There are so many things to do in the area! Visit Studenica and Gradac monasteries, and don’t forget to ski down the slope! That’s right, there is a small ski resort on Golija as well.


Romantic cottage – Divčibare

As the name says, the Romantic log cabin is a perfect place for couples looking to spend some time together. Book this cabin to surprise your loved person! We are sure that he or she will love it! It has 2 rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. It is a modest but cozy cabin that has all you need for your stay. Divčibare is a mountain resort, and this place is exactly in the center of the town, so you can easily reach everything you need – including the ski resort. It is only 120 km away from Belgrade airport, so you can head right over there when you arrive.


We are very proud to say that Serbia has hundreds of such places. They are hidden gems of not just our country, but Europe as well. No matter which region in Serbia you want to visit – they are plentiful, and we can help you book the cabin for you at any location you want. Staying in a cabin is great because it helps you avoid the crowds. But even more importantly, it truly helps you reconnect with nature, and enjoy alone or with your loved ones. Come to Serbia, the land of incredible hospitality. We are waiting for you with open doors!

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