New Year 2024 – Hotel Courtyard Marriott


As the countdown to New Year 2024 begins, the Courtyard Marriott Belgrade emerges as the perfect venue for an elegant and sophisticated New Year’s Eve celebration. Nestled alongside the National Theater on Republic Square, this contemporary luxury hotel seamlessly blends sophistication with modern comfort. Courtyard by Marriott Belgrade City Center was crowned the world’s best hotel at the prestigious annual Marriott International awards, triumphing over 8500 hotels from 138 countries worldwide. This recognition is a testament to the hotel’s commitment to excellence in service and hospitality.

New Year 2024 – Hotel Courtyard Marriott Gala

Courtyard Marriott boasts a modern and elegant ambiance that captivates from the moment you step into its foyer. The Credo restaurant and bar are set to host a glamorous evening tailored to the special occasion of New Year’s Eve. The culinary offerings promise to impress with a selection ranging from sophisticated appetizers to exquisite main courses and tempting desserts. Choosing Courtyard Marriott Belgrade for New Year 2024 ensures an unforgettable start to the year in a venue that combines sophistication, comfort, and impeccable service, all against the backdrop of the heart of the city on Republic Square.

Throughout the night, the renowned Manhattan band will entertain guests. Their top-tier energy, electrifying atmosphere, and charisma are the essence of a perfect party. Founded on a love for music, the Manhattan band guarantees an unforgettable musical and theatrical performance, featuring a rich repertoire of essential hits from both international and local genres.


Culinary Delights: New Year 2024 Menu

Our New Year’s Menu is curated in detail, to elevate your dining experience and celebrate the arrival of the new year in style.

Indulge in a symphony of flavors with our carefully curated cheese selection featuring emmental, gouda, smoked cheese, and cow cheese. Each bite promises a delightful journey through the world of cheese. Savor the richness of pork prosciutto, dried pork neck, beef prosciutto, and pepperoni. This selection that pays homage to the finest cured meats, perfect for the discerning palate. Experience the regal combination of ham and edam cheese encased in a flaky pastry, creating a culinary masterpiece fit for a celebration. Add a kick to your palate with the unique flavors of ajvar and urnebes, a spicy cheese and pepper spreads that tantalize the taste buds.

The garden salad is a burst of freshness that sets the stage for the courses to come. A refreshing medley of mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, carrots, and fresh chili are awaiting you in this miracle in bowl. Then, warm up with the comforting embrace of our chicken ragu cream soup. This velvety concoction that combines the richness of chicken with a creamy texture.

Main Courses

Without a doubt, we know you are looking forward to premium main courses for the New Year 2024 gala. So, the choice will be hard between the following options.

  • Grilled chicken in a luscious 4-cheese sauce
  • Sous-vide beef sirloin accompanied truffle demi-glace sauce
  • Ćevapi with kajmak and pepper salsa
  • Ivanjica-style potatoes with creamy kaymak and fragrant rosemary.
  • Fried rice with vegetables and sesame oil

If you are not a fan of meat, then opt out for the vegetarian menu. Of course, it is available with prior notice. For example, start by warming your soul with the hearty goodness of minestrone. This flavorful vegetable soup surely captures the essence of comfort. For the main course, the chef will prepare smoked trout with tasty ratatouille vegetables.

After that, round off your dining experience with the familiar joy of our apple and cinnamon pie. In addition, the chocolate mousse with hazelnuts and Belgian chocolate and panna cotta with forest fruits will delight everyone with the sweet tooth.



A curated selection of drinks, all-inclusive throughout the evening, certainly adds the perfect finishing touch to your celebration.

  • Coffee
  • Mineral Water (sparkling and still)
  • Natural Juices (Apple, Blueberry, Orange)
  • Soft Drinks (Coca-Cola, Fanta, Schweppes – Bitter Lemon, Tonic Water)
  • Beer (Heineken)
  • Vodka (Smirnoff)
  • Quality Brandy (Apricot Brandy, Quince Brandy, Plum Brandy)
  • Bitter & Vermouth (Gorki List Pelinkovac, Gin, Vermouth Bianco)
  • Wine Selection (Doja Winery – Red, White, Rosé)

As always, More Than Belgrade team will be more than happy to reserve the premium spot for you. As a matter of fact you can enter the New Year 2024 in grand style in one of 6 zones. All of them include consumption of food and drinks according to the New Year’s menu. So let us guide you through them.


Celebration zones

  • Vibrant Zone: Elevate your experience with a place at a cocktail table adorned with chic high seating for an exclusive touch of glamour.
  • Cherry Zone: Indulge in luxury as you secure your place at a banquet table. Even more, surrounded yourself by opulent decor and an ambiance of refined elegance.
  • Festive Zone: Immerse yourself in the joyous atmosphere with a coveted spot at a lavishly decorated banquet table because here, every moment is a celebration of style.
  • Midnight Zone: Ensure a perfect vantage point as you take your place at a meticulously positioned banquet table, adding an air of sophistication to your midnight revelry.
  • Crystal Zone: Relax in the splendor of the city lights from your premium banquet table. In the same fashion, the exquisite surroundings and breathtaking views create an unparalleled sense of glamour.
  • Skyline Zone: Experience the epitome of prestige at a prestigious banquet table positioned near the glass portal. A magical view of Republic Square will certainly leave you enchanted and captivated.

Get ready to welcome New Year 2024 in the lap of luxury and style at Courtyard Marriott Belgrade! Secure your spot for a night of glamour, fine dining, and above all – unforgettable moments.



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