Rent Cottages with a Fireplace


We know that in these post-holiday days, you feel like you need to escape the crowds and noises of the city. Or maybe even to completely disconnect for a weekend, so you can recharge your batteries. Even though a day in the spa center sounds great, right now we do not recommend it. We also strongly advise against visiting the public venues with saunas and jacuzzis. But do not worry, because if you still want something extraordinary – we have an excellent offer for you! Just for you or your group – rent cottages with a fireplace!

No matter who are you coming with – alone, with your significant other, family or friends, it is a great idea to rent cottages with fireplace and enjoy their intimate atmosphere. Luckily, Serbia is full of such gems. Here, we will present some of them, and the choice will be totally up to you!

Most beautiful cottages with a fireplace

Vila Relax

Just 10 km from the center of Belgrade, the beautiful Vila Relax is waiting for you with open doors. In summer, you can even swim in the large outdoor pool. But the best detail in the house is of course the fireplace, which will keep you warm during cold winter days. With private parking, a large living room, and 2 bedrooms, this place is perfect if you want to escape Belgrade without actually leaving it.

The price is only 200 euros, which is a bargain if you are coming with a larger group. For Serbian New Year’s Eve, the price is 250 euros. Whether you choose to enjoy a quiet evening or celebrate, you will have guaranteed privacy and a place just for yourself.


Divčibare cottages with a fireplace

Divčibare is a town and mountain resort just 120 km away from Belgrade. As such, it has many romantic cottages and villas where you can spend a day (or few days). As many local places do not have their web-pages, we can assist you in booking the one that suits your needs. Most of them can accommodate 4 to 6 persons, they have a well-equipped kitchen, bathroom, and efficient floor heating systems. The best thing about those cottages is that they are in the resort. Hence, you can ski on the slopes (of course, if there is snow).


Krstigora cottages

Spend a romantic weekend in one of the most Serbian mountains and national parks – Tara! Book one – or both – romantic Krstigora cottages with a fireplace and sauna, which are completely equipped and have everything you need. Outdoor parking, barbeque place, TV and internet are of course available. The atmosphere here is so cozy and you will be able to completely relax with your loved ones. While you are there, you can visit some of the famous landmarks, such as lakes Zaovine and Perućac, and the famous river Drina. Mysterious village Kremna is only 11 km away, and ethno village Drvengrad is also in the area.


Ranch Platan

Ranch Platan has 6 romantic cottages with a fireplace, where you can spend a romantic weekend. The cottages are sustainable and eco-friendly, with a natural ventilation system.  The region they are located in, Fruška gora, is also a national park, famous for its vineyards. Tthat is why people also call it “little Tuscany”. Once you are there, you can hike, ride a horse, or visit one of the 17 monasteries of  Fruška gora. Restaurants and sports fields are in the vicinity of cottages too. Or you can simply stay inside your cozy cottage and play board games or cuddle with Pantelija – a cat who is living on a ranch.


Ethno village Tiganjica

As we wrote this summer, ethno villages are an absolute hit in Serbia. It is not only because of the unique interior, but it is also about learning more about the local culture of that region and enjoying the home-made local food. Ethno village Tiganjica is in Banat, which is a part of the Serbian province Vojvodina. It is built in an architectural style typical for the region. Additionally, they have a restaurant on the premises. Here, you can have the full experience, from tasting famous Banat’s stews,  with sounds of traditional Banat music – “tamburaši”, to having fun with animals on the little farm. Can you imagine yourself sitting here, tasting the authentic wine? It sounds like a perfect evening, doesn’t it?


Feel the amazing Serbian hospitality this winter in romantic cottages. Just let us know in which region of Serbia you want to stay, and what are your needs regarding the facilities and services in the cottages. More Than Belgrade team will take care for the rest.

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