Belgrade weather – enjoy all the seasons!


Our prospective guests and visitors frequently ask us about Belgrade weather, how to prepare, and what kind of activities are the best for each season. Of course, for the current information check the forecast. And now, we will tell you some general information about Belgrade weather and how to enjoy it, no matter what!

The climate is humid subtropical, like in all southern European countries, and we are lucky to have plenty of sunshine hours. Belgrade has all four seasons. However, springs and falls are quite short. Officially, all the seasons are 3 months long, but for practical reasons, we will use the interpretation based on actual weather conditions.


The most pleasurable Belgrade weather season – Spring

Spring is the time of awakening. Days are becoming warm and sunny and crowds of people are going out to enjoy the sunrays. From mid-March to early May, temperatures are mild and rainfall is not very common. This is the best time to walk around the city and be outdoors. Nights can still be quite cold, so make sure to have a jacket if you plan to party until the dawn.

Before it gets too hot, go to one or more excursions around Serbia. Some of the off-the-beaten-path destinations have even fewer tourists than usual. Visit some of our waterfalls, such as Blederija or Arbinje, and enjoy the pristine nature all by yourself.


Summers – Most active of all Belgrade weather seasons

Summertime weather starts in late May and lasts well into September. Summers are the most active periods for Belgraders. Popular places, such as Ada Ciganlija and Lido, are opening their facilities and are readily waiting for visitors. Our famous river nightclubs, known as splavs, are opening as most of them are closed during the winter.

In summer, you can use everything Belgrade has to offer. That is exactly the reason people just love spending their summer vacation in Belgrade. Besides, it is very easy to go to other sites outside Belgrade, as there are no potential road closures due to heavy snowfall.

On the other hand, humidity in combination with the concrete of the city, makes it feel hotter than it really is. Thunderstorms with heavy rains or even hail are common. They are intense but do not last long, and right after, you will see people back on the streets, resuming their activities.


Short and rainy falls

From late September to mid-November, you can expect the days to become colder, but they are still relatively warm and pleasurable. A famous wind called košava appears in fall and can last until the spring. It starts in the Carpathian Mountains, follows the Danube, and due to the “jet-effect,” it intensifies by the time it reaches Belgrade. Thus, it is very cold and strong, but on the other hand, it is very refreshing and purifying. The legend says that it can last either 3, 7, or 21 days – and that any other duration is impossible.

If you prefer being outdoors during the rainy and windy days, you should check out some of our unique museums. For example, join the Belgrade Underground Tour, or Story About Power tour, and learn more about the rich history of Serbia, Yugoslavia, and even the Roman Empire, as Belgrade (called Singidunum at that time) was an important city in it.


Cold and snowy winters

Winters in Serbia are also quite long and last from mid-November to mid-March. Temperatures are low and even freezing. It is not unusual and we are well-prepared. Most of the facilities in Belgrade have very good central heating. Hence, you do not have to worry about feeling cold indoors. The most beautiful features of winter here are the special holiday decorations. The city looks truly magical during the New Year and Christmas season!

Winter is a perfect time to visit an ice rink. The biggest and most famous is Hala Pionir. Sometimes, certain squares in various Serbian cities also become the public ice rinks in the winter. As always, you will be the first one to know about that, just with your More Than Belgrade team!

Serbia has plenty of mountains and ski-resorts, so you might consider the trip to one of them. If you still prefer to stay in Belgrade – we have a surprise for you! There is a ski slope in the wider city center, and we can take you there! Nightlife during the winter is very active, as all the indoor night clubs are working at the full speed!

In conclusion, no matter when you come – in spring, summer, fall, or winter – we will make sure that you have an amazing and unforgettable experience in Belgrade. See you soon!


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