Serbia off the beaten path- Arbinje Waterfalls


Arbinje waterfalls on Stara Planina are a paradise and probably the most beautiful thing you will ever see. If you are an adventurer, eager for true natural beauty, silence, and adrenaline, this could be the perfect tour for you. Since Stara Planina is rich in natural beauties, it is difficult to decide which to visit first.

Stara Planina and Arbinje Waterfalls

First of all, it is time to introduce you to Stara Planina (Old mountain ie. the Balkan mountains). It is the longest mountain massif in Serbia. It belongs to the Carpathian-Balkan mountains and stretches in the southeast of Serbia. Vast areas of green, fresh air, and a number of warm springs of mineral water are the features of this mountain. Stara Planina stretches across two countries- Serbia and Bulgaria. This mountain is a synonym for peace and quiet, but also for waterfalls that disturb them. Stara Planina is, also, full of unique beauties. It leaves a trace and beautiful memories on every nature lover.

Stara-Planina-arbinje-waterfallsThe upper part of the Dojkinac River valley, better known as Arbinje, represents the most beautiful river valley in Serbia. The Arbinje waterfalls are a collection of dozens of smaller waterfalls and cascades. No wonder many call it the empire of waterfalls. The most famous are Kaludjerski Skok, Tupavica waterfall, Kopren waterfall, Pilj waterfall, and Cunguljski Skok. Each of these waterfalls is beautiful in its own way and creates a nature reserve that everyone should visit. Some of these waterfalls are in Arbinje itself, some on its border. Anyhow, they should be considered as a unique whole of this area.

Keep reading and you will learn something about each.

Kaludjerski Skok

Kaludjerski Skok is the highest waterfall in Serbia (232 m). It is located near the village of Topli Do, below the highest peak of the Stara Planina- Midzor. The waterfall is located on the river of the same name. It belongs to the cascading waterfalls, with about 20 smaller or larger cascades. Because of inaccessible terrain, it is possible to reach it only under full mountaineering equipment. If you decide to visit it, prepare yourself for one adventure!


Tupavica waterfall

Tupavica, a waterfall also known as Tupavac, is 25 meters high. It is located at the very entrance to Arbinje, about an hour and a half walk from the village of Dojkinci.  The road to Dojkinci is paved, and from the village to the waterfall, there is about 4 km of dirt road. Due to its proximity, it is the most accessible waterfall to visit. You should visit Tupavica waterfall in spring or summer when it has the most water and when it looks the most grandiose. However, to visit it in the winter can be breathtaking, too. Tupavica can be frozen and it looks like an entrance to an ice kingdom.tupavica-waterfall

Kopren waterfall

Kopren waterfall is distinguished by the fact that it is the waterfall that is located at the highest altitude (1,820 meters above sea level) and that it is the second-highest waterfall in Serbia. It is located below the top of Kopren. Because of its height, it is hard to reach. It is important to point out that with its 103,5 m, it is also one of the largest waterfalls in Serbia. What characterizes the waterfall is that it consists of a number of cascades.

Only the most persistent come to the scene of the Kopren waterfall, which takes your breath away. You should visit it in early spring, while the vegetation that surrounds it is not so lush.


Pilj waterfall

Pilj waterfall is a real treat for everyone who appreciates wildlife and untouched nature. It is harder to reach and we hope that it will stay that way because that is the only way to keep it. You can most easily reach it from the village of Topli Do. Geologists and alpinists discovered it in 2002.

It springs below the top of Pilj (1,467 m) at a height of 1,450 m. Its hight is modest 64 m and consists of two cascades. Because of its isolated position, it was not discovered until 2002. This waterfall has tourist signalization from village Topli Do and also presents an impressive tourist attraction.


Cunguljski Skok waterfall

This waterfall was discovered in 1996 because it is not so easily reached. Cunguljski Skok has a height of about 1,400 m above sea level. It is at the base of mountain peak Cungulj. Although it is close to the Pilj waterfall, only some manage to visit both on the same day. Cunguljski Skok is a smaller one with its height of 40 m. It is certainly one of the most beautiful waterfalls.


Stara Planina is an ideal polygon for all nature lovers and an ancient way of life. Cycling, hiking, canyoning, skiing, or getting to know the archaic and authentic architecture in the villages. You can do all that.

In addition to spring, summer, and autumn, many Arbinje waterfalls become a real tourist attraction during the winter. In that period they completely freeze and are true masterpieces of nature. They create the appearance of a curtain made of ice crystals. The frozen waterfalls attract more and more tourists to one of the most beautiful Serbian mountains.  Those eager for adventure and enjoying untouched nature especially.

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