Restaurant Stanica 1884

Restaurant Stanica 1884 Belgrade
Restaurant Stanica 1884 Belgrade

Restaurant Stanica 1884 is must visit place for all Belgrade visitors who wants to experience real charm of Serbian cuisine and local specialties, and as well Restaurant Stanica 1884 is a second home for many locals.

The location of Stanica 1884 is very interesting, therefore restaurants is located in old dated building from 1884. building very important to Belgrade history because it was first big main train station comparing to world metropolitan ones in this part of Europe. Building was creation of famous architect of that time Dragan Milutinović.

On a first train that started from this station on 20.august 1884, passengers where King Milan, Queen Natalia and prince Aleksandar Obrenovic. One year latter this station was part of worldwide famous Orient Express.

Therefore its history importance these days building will become Museum, factoring  that we can say Stanica 1884 restaurant is in great location and as well new city center “Belgrade Waterfront” is in a neighborhood.

Restaurant Stanica 1884 have a nice open air garden, which is real oasis in a hot days.

If you are in Belgrade and you want to try out best of the best of Serbian cuisine in a classy restaurant with historical importance   and premium service  & fair prices, than restaurant Stanica 1884 is definitely our recommendation.


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