Pet friendly holiday in Belgrade

If you wish to organise a trip to Belgrade with your pet here is a little guide.

There are numerous parks and green areas in the city, don’t miss to visit Kosutnjak or take a stroll around Ada Ciganlija the city lake, and visit one of many heated gardens for a drink or two. 

Additionally, there are a lot of options for finding all types of accommodation that are pet friendly. We recommend Hotel Radisson Collection conveniently located in New Belgrade near river Sava where you and your pet can enjoy long strolls along the river banks. You can quickly reach attractions like the Belgrade Fortress another great destinatination for you and your pet. If you want to book your stay you can easily do so here

If you are looking for coffee places and cafes that are pet friendly we would recommend visiting some of the following: KC Grad , Meduza or Ada Beer Garden.

When it comes to pet friendly restaurants at the top of our list are restaurants: Toro Gastro Bar and Lorenzo & Kakalamba.

Toro Latin Gastro Bar is characterized by its unique menu which is based on the concept of small plates – the dishes are cut into pieces so that everyone at the table could have a slice. Inspired by the Belgrade’s energy and nightlife, the famous chef Richard Sandoval decided to open his first European restaurant.The dishes are mainly Latin and for the lovers of beef steaks, this is positively the best place to be. At this restaurant you and your pet will be more than welcome. This is one of the most popular places in Belgrade and sometimes you need to book your spot especially during the weekend. To make sure you won’t miss your meal make your reservation here.

Lorenzo & Kakalamba will win your heart over not just with original and unique interior a completely new concept for a restaurant that is museum-like – in each part of the room, you will find some artifacts, designed chairs, tables, lamps, a lot of decorations, ornaments and other visual surprises. Apart from the food menu, they also offer a wide variety of wines – 28 types of white wine, 36 of red. The Lorenzo & Kakalamba restaurant is also a winner of a prestigious title Ambassador Luce from Toscana wine house Luce Della Vite. This is the place that you and your pet friend will enjoy high life of Belgrade. This place is one of the most popular places in town, so sometimes it is necessary to have a reservation to get in, especially during the weekend. Make your reservation now .

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