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Award winner for Eastern European finest club by World Finest Clubs organization

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About the Club

 The Bank: Belgrade’s Award-Winning Nightclub

For two consecutive years, The Bank Night Club in Belgrade has been recognized as Eastern Europe’s finest club by the World’s Finest Clubs organization. This prestigious accolade underscores the club’s exceptional reputation and unparalleled nightlife experience.

From Inception to Stardom

The story of The Bank is one of ambition and success, driven by a group of six friends who were avid consumers of Belgrade’s nightlife. Despite having no prior experience in the clubbing business, they decided to create a club that met their own high standards. This vision led to the opening of the Ninety Four Club. Its immediate success gave them the confidence to launch a winter club. Just two years after their initial venture, The Bank was born. Through a combination of luck and talent, the club quickly rose to prominence, becoming an award-winning establishment and a cornerstone of Belgrade’s nightlife.

Music and Atmosphere

The Bank primarily features R’n’B music, complemented by house and commercial sounds. Its interior design is unique. The club’s popularity soared even higher in the summer of 2018 when the owners opened a new summer venue, Money Night Club, by the river, breaking all records.

A Premier Nightlife Destination

The Bank is known for its vibrant atmosphere, and friendly staff and management. It has become a magic spot for unforgettable nights from October to May in Crnogroska 12 Street. It’s a preferred destination for our VIP nightlife tours.

Reservation and Services

Reservations at The Bank are strongly recommended due to its high demand. Fortunately, our free reservation service ensures you have a secure spot, with our agents available 24/7 to assist with any issues. The club offers great value for money, with average expenses and numerous promotions each night.

Club Details

Capacity: Approximately 400

Dress Code: Casual & Elegant

Age Control: 23+

Music: R’n’B, House

Prices: Average with nightly promotions


The Bank Night Club continues to set the standard for nightlife in Belgrade, promising an extraordinary experience for both locals and tourists. We hope this guide has given you a comprehensive insight into what makes The Bank a standout venue in Belgrade’s vibrant nightlife scene.

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One Tip!

The Bank dress code is casual or elegant and it’s impossible to enter in sportswear. If you’re not in your gym clothes, you’ll have no problem and will be more than welcomed.
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