How to recognize illegal taxi in Belgrade


“Wild” taxi drivers do not surrender, they continue to harbor the capital streets and give big headaches to Belgraders, as well as numerous tourists. Everyone who comes into the situation that they need taxi services, ask themselves a logical question: how to identify regular from “wild” taxi drivers, how to protect yourself from scams?

If a taxi service is ordered by phone or by SMS, one of the registered taxi associations should be called.

If the taxi stops on the street or the ride begins with a taxi stand, it is necessary to make sure that the taxi vehicle has the registration mark “BG … TX” and the flag of the known tax association, which must be undamaged and mutually clearly visible, and numbers.

By entering a taxis with a taxi driver, it is necessary to determine the route and to check that the taxi driver, pricelist and taxi driver’s license is prominently displayed.

The taximeter must work smoothly, with evenly shifting from the previous one to the next amount.

Recommendation is obligatory taking the account for the performed taxi service, which should be clearly printed and authenticated by the seal of the taxi operator.

It is not recommended to ride if the taxi driver offers a taxi service contract without the inclusion of a taximeter, that is, without confirmation of the fixed cost of taxi transfer from the airport.

It is best to take a taxi if you see signs of checked taxi houses such as: PINK, ALFA, GOLD, BELGRADE, NAXIS

Alfa Bell Taxi

011 19808
065 9808 000
Pink Taxi
011 19803
0800 11 9803
065 488 99 77

Gold Taxi

011 3291 818
060 404 0677

Beogradski Taxi

011 19801

Naxiss Taxi

011 19804
011 358 11 11
064 222 98 04
063 58 11 11

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