Ethnic Food and Drink Fair – November 24th to 27th


Ethnic food and drink fairs are excellent places to discover and taste the stories of the country through its diverse cuisines. This year, the fair will take place at Hall 3 of the Belgrade Fair, from November 24th to 27th. The working hours are from 10:00 until 19:00. The single ticket is 300 dinars (there is a discount for groups). So, in less than 3 euros/dollars, you will have the access to premium-quality products. Here is what to expect at the Ethnic food and drink fair this year.


Ethnic food and drink fair 2022

Join us for an afternoon of fun, networking, and trying new dishes from around the region. The event will have producers selling their dishes while attendees sample their products. You can get inspired and learn how to make some new dishes as well. All the producers adhere to traditional recipes and use traditional methods. The quality control is strict and you will find only top-quality ethnic food and drinks here. All dishes are unique to certain regions of the country. Of course, they are almost always hand-crafted using organic ingredients and raw resources.

Today, Ethnic food and drink fair is an essential part of Belgrade’s tourist offer. For over 15 years, hundreds of manufacturers of ethnic food products have been presenting the tastiest dishes that evoke memories of grandma’s kitchen. One of the goals of the fair is to connect distributors, suppliers, restaurant owners and managers, professional chefs, and anyone else interested in fostering further business relations. So, if you are an entrepreneur, this is definitely an event for you.


Serbian cuisine

So, what kind of ethnic food can you expect to try in Belgrade? This is not an easy question, as Serbia is one of the gastronomic heavens and the choice is simply too big. Some estimations state that Belgrade has over 20,000 restaurants! From Greek taverns to Asian restaurants, from charming bakeries to cake shops, Belgrade will satisfy every palate.

Every traditional lunch in Serbia starts with a tasty homemade soup and meze. Meze is a word describing the appetizer, small bites you eat while waiting for the main course. But, do not get tricked, as meze can be caloric and make you full like a “proper” meal. You will have a choice of cold meat, cheese, and vegetables on a plate. Sausages, hams, bacon, olives, cucumber, tomatoes, and various sorts of cheese are definitely a good start. Typical Serbian breakfast is also similar to meze, usually with the addition of an omelet, gibanica (cheese pie), or proja (corn bread).

The main dishes are mostly based on meat. However, in recent years, vegan and vegetarian diets are gaining popularity in the Balkans. Still, people will usually assume that you eat meat, so make sure to specify your preference before ordering. If you get an invitation to eat at a Serbian home, please inform the host beforehand. So, what can you expect on the menu? Grilled minced meat dishes such as ćevapi and pljeskavica are quite standard choices. In winter, you can expect sarma – minced meat with spices rolled in cabbage leaves. The summer equivalent is the bell pepper stuffed with a delicious mix of meat and seasoning, and then baked or cooked together.

And what do the Serbs drink? As you probably heard, rakija is our national drink. It accompanies all important life events, but a small glass of it is a common part of every large meal too. You can also expect other spirits (whiskey, vodka, brandy), beer, or wine, but also non-alcoholic drinks such as fresh juices.


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