Belgrade bakeries – the evocative smell of city


While walking on the streets of Belgrade, you will often feel the comforting smell coming from Belgrade bakeries. They are on every corner, and sometimes you will even see people queueing in front of them, waiting for their turn to buy their favorite treat.

Why are Belgrade bakeries so special?

Belgrade bakeries are not just about the food. Rather, they are about socializing, meeting your neighbors, or just evoking memories. Every Belgrader – including children – has his favorite bakery!

Bread is the staple of Serbian cuisine. It has a significant place in our culture, and it is regarded with high respect. The process of baking bread is quite time-consuming, and people think that bread from the supermarket is simply not as good as homemade one (and they are right!). That is why Belgrade bakeries are very popular, as you can eat food that tastes just like from grandma’s kitchen. Just look for the sign “pekara” and you will know you are at the right place. Bakeries are a great choice for a quick and tasty breakfast, but some of them extended their offer and have cooked meals as well. Some bakeries offer delivery as well, and some also provide catering.

Tip: almost all bakeries discount their products (up to 50%) near the closing time (usually 30 minutes before). Remember – first come, first served, so be there on time! Indeed, Belgrade bakeries really sell fresh products and pastries are not staying overnight. Every morning, hot products are coming straight from the furnace to the shelves!


The most popular bakeries

Belgrade is full of small and family-owned bakeries. Some of them have a long tradition and are the iconic places of our city.

One of them is the Trpković bakery. Since 1905, Belgraders have been enjoying fresh bread and other products from this popular bakery. They are located centrally, exactly on the Slavija square (the address is Nemanjina 32). You can’t leave Belgrade before trying their burek. Hot burek and cold yogurt for breakfast…Is there a better combination?

Aleksić bakery is even older. Found in 1885, this bakery waits for you with open doors in Takovska 48, just across the Botanical Garden. We know that it will be hard to decide to buy only one pastry!


Belgrade bakeries chains

  • Hleb i kifle (in English: Bread and buns) is a very popular chain of French-style bakeries. They have over 40 bakeries in Belgrade – including the Belgrade Airport. You will find them in Novi Sad as well. As the name says, they sell bread and buns, but in addition, they sell different pastries, salads, and sandwiches. If you have a sweet tooth – you are going to be delighted here, because they also have a great selection of cookies and cakes. You can also grab a coffee-to-go. They also specialize in chrono-nutrition, so ask a baker which chrono products they have today!
  • Skroz dobra pekara (in English: Totally good bakery) is a famous national chain of bakeries. In addition to more than 40 locations in Belgrade, you can enjoy their products in over 15 Serbian cities. They also offer delivery, so their delicious pastries, cooked meals, and other products can be delivered to your door.
  • Lebovski is a relatively new chain of Belgrade bakeries, which quickly because very famous. Hence, they expanded to around 12 locations all around the city. Their slogan is “The masters of bread” and we couldn’t agree more! With over 20 different kinds of bread, savory pastries, and tempting donuts on offer, it is no wonder that queues here get a bit long.

Come to Serbia and you will have the chance to experience the gastronomic offer. From fancy restaurants to neighborhood bakeries, Serbian people enjoy their food – and you will enjoy it as well! We are sure that after you visit Belgrade, you will remember your trip every time you feel the smell from the bakery!


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