Update on Coronavirus measures: Restaurants and cafes are open from today.


The Serbian government has decided that from Monday, May 4th, restaurants and cafes can start operating again. Judging by Belgrade’s establishments, preparations were done correctly.

Employees clean floors, windows, gardens, arrange tables and chairs so that guests are within walking distance of each other.

Most of the restaurant’s owners in Belgrade downtown hardly wait to reopen the doors to guests. Employees are giving maximum effort to maintain objects cleaned and disinfected. Every table and the seating arrangement for the guests must be in accordance with the prescribed measures. The space between all tables should be cleaned and disinfected.

Restaurants in Belgrade are without work for more than 50 days. Still many of them had delivery service all the time, during the curfew period.

Famous Skadarlija area restaurants ready for work



A lot of preparations ahead of the reopening are also being made in Skadarlija, Belgrade’s most famous neighborhood. In the Skadarlija area, you will find many outstanding restaurants. Many of the owners of prestigious restaurants in the Skadarlija area had decided to re-decorate and improve their restaurants in the time of the corona epidemic caused inaction.

The epidemic will certainly have consequences for the restaurant business as most of the clients were tourists. But owners are optimistic and expect to overcome it especially in areas like Skadarlija or Beton Hala, wherein regular days you need to book a few days ahead to get a table.

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