Stara Planina Ski Resort – Southeast Serbia


Stara Planina Ski Resort is one of the best and biggest ski resorts in Serbia. And more than that, it is a great tourist attraction, with plenty of beautiful sights such as Dojkinacka river. Stara Planina is the local name of Old Mountain (the Balkan mountains), which is a mountain range in Serbia and Bulgaria. It is also a nature reserve of great importance, and the oasis of pristine nature and diverse wildlife.


Stara Planina Ski Resort

Stara Planina is generally more affordable than other more popular resorts, so it offers great value for money. Another reason why this ski center is very popular is the artificial snowing system. So, fun is guaranteed even when the winter is mild and without much snow. Generally, skiing here is possible for 5 months a year. That is exactly the reason why the fans of winter sports love this resort!

Stara Planina ski resort has several slopes and paths of different difficulties (total length is over 13 km). Everyone – from absolute beginners to adrenaline junkies, will enjoy this resort as it provides options for everyone. If you are a beginner – do not worry. The major ski resorts, including Stara Planina ski resort, have instructors available on site. Of course, we recommend you to book their services in advance, to ensure their availability.

The facilities on site are well-developed, with parking spots available in the area. In the resort (or its vicinity) are the ambulance, police station, mountain rescue service, visitor center, and several cafes. Hence, here you will find everything you need for a safe and pleasurable vacation. There is even a zone for children, so the entire family can enjoy skiing here.

Ski pass

In order to ski and use the services of the ski resort, you are going to need a ski pass. The pricelist is complex. The exact price depends on the season, the number of people in your group, and the number of days. It is more affordable to buy a ski pass valid for multiple days. On average, it is quite affordable, as it is not more than $21 USD/ 18 EUR a day. There are even the options for half-day, so you can ski on your arrival or departure date as well, with the discount. You can get more information and even buy the ski pass online.

The working hours of gondolas and ski lifts are from 09:00 until 16:30 every day, except for ski lift Rudine (which works until 16:15).


Getting there

Stara Planina ski resort is located in south-east Serbia, around 350 km away from Belgrade. The closest cities are Pirot (65 km) and Niš (85 km). The best way to get there is by car. Of course, there are some bus services from Belgrade and other major cities (on a limited basis only).  With the car, you will just have more flexibility to explore the area and see some of the off-the-beaten-path locations, such as Arbinje, Tupavica, and Kopren waterfalls.

One of the highest peaks in Serbia is Midžor. It is 2,170 meters high and located on Stara Planina and hiking is possible when the weather conditions permit it. You have to be prepared, fit and have certain experience as it is a demanding hike. The hike starts from Babin Zub (in English: Grandma’s tooth), which is another peak and viewpoint. In fact, it is the part of Stara Planina ski resort.

Accommodation in the area is plentiful. Besides hotels, and you can stay in ethno-villages, mountain cabins, or even with local families. If you want to experience Serbian culture and eat local home-made food, we can help you book your room with one of the local providers.  From accommodation to other ski services, prices are generally lower than at similar locations. Hurry up and visit Stara Planina this winter. Experience it before it becomes too popular!


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