Miniature park and Manasija monastery


Miniature Park is an interesting theme park in Despotovac. Here, you will be able to see hand-made models of Serbian monasteries and churches. Most of those monasteries are more than just sacral objects – they are also an important part of Serbian cultural heritage. In the next few articles, we will introduce you to some of them. We hope to see you soon at those amazing sites.

Miniature Park

This extraordinary park will introduce you to around 15 medieval Serbian monasteries. The models were made as a perfect copy of the churches in reality, on a scale of 1:17 in relation to the real size. Most of the monasteries you will have the chance to learn about are originating from the late 12th to the 15th century. If you are a fan of medieval history, then you have probably already heard of Ravanica, Ljubostinja, Studenica, Žiča and other monasteries you will see here. If not, the polite staff will tell you all the interesting details and explain what exactly makes those places so unique.

The Miniature Park is located close to the center of Despotovac, 140 km south of Belgrade and 110 km north of Niš. It is an outdoor park, and it is open to visitors from April 1 to November 1, from 10:00 to 19:00. The price of the ticket is 200 dinars (1,7 € / $2) for individual visitors and 150 dinars (1,3 € / $1,5) for organized group visits. Visitors can use the parking and get refreshments at the bar on site.


While you are there

If you are visiting the Miniature Park, do not miss a chance to see one of those monasteries. Manasija is less than 4km away from the park, so it is the perfect time to see this monastery, which originates from the early 15th century. It is also named Resava. In the medieval period, it was the home of the important School of Resava. As such, it was the place where scholars were making manuscripts and translations. The monastery was a real “garden of knowledge” at those times. Its library was incredible – it contained over 20,000 books. This was a prestigious place for learning, but also developing, protecting and cherishing Serbian literature, language, and culture. In fact, the rules of Resava School became a golden standard for all other monasteries where monks were writing manuscripts.

Unfortunately, with the Ottoman conquest, the work of the monastery was limited or completely banned. The monastery temporarily lost its glory. Today, Manasija is under the state’s protection as a Monument of a culture of exceptional importance. Of course, visitors are welcome. The monastery complex has a church, refectory (dining hall), remains of the kitchen, and fortification with 11 towers.



Beautiful natural sites

One of the favorite picnic spots of locals – Grza – is just 40 km away. Come and see one of the most beautiful and cleanest rivers in Serbia, with its fantastic waterfalls and springs. Also, Great Morava – the biggest river system in Serbia – is also nearby. If you head just a bit south of Grza, you will reach the village Stalać and mysterious Stalać Fortress. There, South Morava and the West Morava meet and form Great Morava.

Resava Cave is another tourist hotspot in this region. Stay tuned, as soon we will introduce you to this wonder of nature as well! This part of Serbia is remarkably beautiful, but still not full of tourists. Spring is the best time to visit those natural sites, as the weather is great. Come and enjoy the rich history, beautiful nature, and incredible hospitality.



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