Earth Day 2021 in Belgrade


Yesterday, on April 22nd, Belgrade joined many cities that were celebrating Earth Day. You have probably seen many posts on social networks about this day, but do you really know what does it stand for?

Earth Day

Back in 1969, at a UNESCO Conference, peace activist John McConnell suggested a day to celebrate the Earth and the idea of harmony. He named it Earth Day. One year later, the USA was home to the first celebration. With every passing year, more countries were joining. Today, people around the world are participating in Earth Day Week. It is an entire week of activities centered on the world’s environmental issues.

This year’s theme is Restore Our Earth. And another bonus is that you can participate in the events online in addition to in-person events. In fact, it is more desirable right now to “attend” the event from your computer.


The Earth Day celebration in Belgrade

In previous years, we were marking Earth Day by different clean-up actions, open debates, and events in the city, but unfortunately, this year it was not possible. Hence, most of the events were online.

This year, Belgrade marked this day by dedicating it to youth. The City organized teach-in sessions for elementary school pupils. They had interesting discussions. In accordance with the topic – Restore Our Earth, they and even initiated small-scale recycling projects in their communities. Many Belgraders joined the online events and virtual summit “We Shall Breathe.” Indeed, in the last couple of days, the topic of ecology was a hot topic among all generations of Serbian people. We are all becoming increasingly aware of our contribution to pollution, but also our potential in reducing it. No matter how small, every step counts. We must remember that every change starts with us!


How to be eco-friendly in Belgrade

If you have ever been to Belgrade, you have probably noticed that most of the infrastructure is not quite eco-friendly. Many times, it is not obvious how to recycle or avoid pollution, and unfortunately, sometimes you can’t avoid it. Still, there are some things you can do:

Donate clothes: you can bring them to any Red Cross branch, or donate to other institutions that are helping the people in need. This map has contact details of some of those institutions, with contacts of people who are in charge.

Recycle: unfortunately on the city level, there is no organized trash sorting & recycling (except in certain communities). If you are staying in Belgrade for a longer time, you can ask your neighbors where can you take the recyclable trash.

Reduce waste. Try to reduce the use of plastic. You can buy a reusable bottle – we even have them in souvenir shops. You will have a unique and useful souvenir of Belgrade as well.

Buy locally: Serbia has premium-quality domestic products. Forget about mass-production and imported goods. Rather, every piece is made with care and love. Also, you will contribute to the development of the communities in which producers and artisans live.

Reduce your carbon footprint: if you can, come to Belgrade by train. It is not just more sustainable – it is more fun as well! There is no better and funnier way to see the city than on our Segway Tour – and springtime is the best for it!

Volunteer: in our News section, we are regularly keeping you posted about current events in Belgrade. So, next time an eco-friendly event takes place in Belgrade – we will certainly be there! Join us, and let’s make our city even more beautiful.


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