Buying the most popular Serbian domestic products


If you are wondering what should you buy to remind you of your vacation in Serbia, we have an idea. Different Serbian domestic products are unique, affordable, and will definitely bring good memories back. Here are some things that you can buy for yourself or for your loved ones. They will definitely love them!

Serbian domestic products – crafts and handworks

Belgrade has a number of interesting old craft shops, where you can buy everything, from umbrellas to candies. They are all handmade and high-quality products, that will last for years.

You can buy the national costume! Due to their complexity and effort needed to put in each piece, the entire costume can be a bit pricey. But no worries – we have a solution for that too! You can buy only one item or some piece of clothes with ethnic motives or embroidery. It will not just last for many years, but you will be in the center of attention wherever you go! If you live in colder climate areas – buy a pair of Serbian woolen socks. They will definitely keep your feet warm at all times! Opanak (plural opanci) is the traditional Serbian footwear. Even though you might not wear them – they can be an interesting reminder of your vacation in Serbia.


Forget about mass-production souvenirs. Choose items such as vessels, utensils, or even a doll or flute made of wood, ceramics, and other eco-friendly materials. Or perhaps, choose woven accessories such as handbags or shawls. You will not only support the local artisans, but you will have a unique and practical souvenir. If you want to invest in decorating your home with Serbian motives – the Pirot carpet is the best thing you can buy here! The art of weaving Pirot carpet is part of our intangible cultural heritage, and as such protected by a geographical indication. Moreover, the patterns have their own meaning. Imagine how much love and effort is woven in every peace!


Food and drinks

As you have already concluded, Serbia is gastronomic heaven. So, why don’t you bring some tastes of Serbia back home? Delicious raspberry jam is will definitely bring you back to your grandma’s kitchen. If you travel outside Belgrade and visit ethno-villages or other non-urban destinations, local honey is usually very popular (and tasty!) as well. For everyone with a sweet tooth – bananica is the best option. Bring plenty of them – they taste the best when they are shared! Buy any of the local chocolates or ratluk (Turkish delight), and your loved ones will be delighted!

Serbian domestic products made of dairy or meat are delicious as well! Try the authentic local hams, sausages, and cheeses. Enjoy them while you are here! Don’t forget a jar of ajvar –  a condiment made of grilled red peppers. Sometimes, it is made with the addition of eggplants and/or tomatoes.

You can’t go back without a bottle of rakia – Serbian national drink! There are different tastes of this fruit-based strong alcoholic drink. Šljivovica (plum), Dunja (quince), and Viljamovka (pear) are just some of the tastes you can choose from.  If you prefer wine – that is not a problem either. The selection of Serbian wines is very good, and you can’t go wrong with varieties such as Vranac,  Prokupac, and Tamjanika.


Travel regulations

Before buying any of those items, please check the rules of your destination country. Bringing food (animal and plant products) is subject to legal regulations. Generally, you can bring food in industrial packaging in the EU/Schengen area.

We advise against transporting homemade meat and dairy products across the border. Some producers also sell them in industrial package or with certificates. In that case, you might be able to bring some of those Serbian domestic products with you.

Additional rules apply to alcoholic beverages as well, so make sure to get informed beforehand. Also, do not forget the restriction on liquids in hand luggage. Do not pack alcohol, jams, or honey in your hand luggage; rather wrap them really well and put them in checked luggage.

We are sure that your suitcase will be too small for all those treats you buy! But that is all part of the adventure, right?


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