Crossing the Serbian border for upcoming holidays


Dear visitors, we have an important announcement for you. Crossing the Serbian border from December 20th will be possible with a negative PCR test only.

Crossing the Serbian border after December 20th

Two days ago, the Crisis Team announced that from December 20th, the new temporary measure is in force. The tentative end date is January 10th. What does this mean?

  • If you are a foreign citizen, you must present the negative PCR test, not older than 48 hours. The country of origin or transit is irrelevant – everyone needs to have a test from the accredited laboratory.
  • If you are a Serbian citizen – you have two choices. You can enter the country with the negative PCR test, OR be in self-isolation for 10 days. If you are able to produce a negative test result during that period, you can “exit” the isolation. In this case, as well, it does not matter where are you coming from. All passengers are subject to those rules.

The abovementioned rules apply to all airports and border crossings.

We are aware that this came as a surprise. However, due to the expected influx of visitors during holidays and in order to protect public health, steeper measures are in place right now. Of course, you are still welcome to visit our beautiful country, and we hope that this will not deter you. Holidays in Belgrade are wonderful, and even though this year we will probably not have any public events, you can always enjoy the holiday spirit and Christmas lights on our streets. Even with the enhanced measures, Serbia is one of the easiest countries to travel to right now, so make the most of it!


Other measures

As we already notified you, the stores and other businesses in Serbia have limited working hours. The measures were supposed to be in place by December 15th, but they are now extended until further notice. In brief, restaurants, cafes, malls and similar places will work from Monday to Friday only, from 05:00 until 17:00. Theatres, cinemas, and galleries will work every day, but only until 17:00. Supermarkets, kiosks, and “to-go” services will work until 21:00. There are no limitations for medical and health care institutions, pharmacies, food delivery services, and gas stations.

In case of any changes, the Crisis Team will inform the citizens, and we will, as always, notify you. All the relevant news can also be found on the official site of the Serbian Government. We encourage you to follow the recent news, as rules sometimes change with short notice.

If you need to get tested while in Serbia, you can learn how. The current price for foreign citizens is 18,000 dinars (153 euros/ 186 USD).


Crossing the Serbian border after January 10th

Negative PCR test will most likely remain the condition for entry until January 10th and the end of the Serbian holiday season. Right now, we can’t say for sure if the negative test will be mandatory for crossing the Serbian border after January 10th, and what the general entry conditions will be.

More Than Belgrade team is, of course, working. We are always ready to answer your questions and take you to different sites around Serbia. We are following all the precautionary measures.  As always, your safety is our priority. Of course, we hope that the rules are just temporary and that in the future, we will all be able to travel without any limitations. Until then, take care, plan your next itinerary, and stay safe!

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