Clean-up action “Roll up your sleeves”


A big ecological, clean-up action, will take place all over Serbia tomorrow! If you want to take part, help us live in a cleaner environment and raise awareness – today is the last day to apply!

The fourth traditional  “Roll up your sleeves” clean-up action

The fourth clean-up action will start tomorrow at 10:00 in 42 locations all over Serbia. From Subotica to Vranje, from Valjevo to Nis, citizens will roll up their sleeves and participate in the biggest eco-event in Serbia. It is necessary to apply. The deadline is today at 19:00, so if you want to take part – hurry up and let us know. We will sign you up!

It is interesting to know that the citizens themselves are organizing this clean-up action. There is no official organization or “host” who is taking formal charge of the event. The coordinator is the informal citizen’s group Eko Straža (Serbian for Eco-guards) which is a volunteer organization. Every citizen has the right to find a location and report it to the “Eco-guards”. Of course, he or she should motivate friends, family and community to join the action. Then, in one day, the clean-up action will take place simultaneously at dozens of locations. It really shows the power of solidarity and it is an amazing example of cooperation for an important cause.


Contribute to ecology in Serbia

Unfortunately, the investments in ecology in Serbia are not as high as we wish them to be. Still, many Serbian people are eco-conscious and love participating in events such as this clean-up, Earth Day, and many more. In October, Belgrade will be a host of the ECOFair as well. As you can see, we are working towards living in green and sustainable cities.

That is why we love to support sustainable tourism, and why we always feature authentic places. Whether you are buying from local traders or visiting off-the-beaten places, you are supporting this important sector of our economy. We encourage you to adopt small habits while travelling. For example, pack lightly and try to use eco-friendly means of transportation. You can even rent an electric car in Belgrade. Charging is free at most of the charging stations. Think about joining a tour instead of driving to places all by yourself. Try to recycle as much as you can. Think twice before buying something that you might not need. It is better to invest more in a higher quality product that will last for many years.

Last but not least – join the action. Volunteering is not just a fun way to spend a day in a city. It is also a unique chance to interact with local people. Meeting people who care for the same cause as you is simply amazing. You will return home full of new memories and with a feeling that you did something meaningful. And remember: “Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does.”


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