Having an electric car in Belgrade


Electric cars in Belgrade are not as common as in other cities around Europe. However, they are the future of the car industry. As Belgraders love to be trendy, they are gaining popularity here as well. If you plan to rent an electric car in Belgrade, or you are already an owner – here is a brief guide for you.

Renting an electric car in Belgrade

If you are coming with your own electric car in Belgrade, the requirements are the same as for every other car and additional certifications and attestations are not necessary.

There are many reasons why you should opt for the rental of an electric car. Fuel prices can be up to 70% lower than for traditional vehicles. They are safer since they release no CO2, nitrogen, or other pollutants into the atmosphere. Hence, you will help keep our city green. And last but not least, they are modern and have enhanced safety features.

As we mentioned, electric cars in Serbia are not so common, and not all car rental agencies offer them. Locals and visitors somehow prefer “traditional” cars, so they tailor their offer accordingly. Of course, the More Than Belgrade team makes everything possible, so we can help you rent any vehicle you want – including the electric one.


Where to charge your electric vehicle

There are around 20 charging stations for electric cars in Belgrade. The list is not final and it is being periodically refreshed. We expect that more stations will be opened soon. You will generally find them on gas stations and big parking lots. They are also in the garages of hotels such as Hilton, Holiday Inn, Square Nine, Hyatt, and Marriott. We advise you to visit Google Maps and find your closest EV charger.

You can find some of the chargers along the Serbian highways as well. The chargers generally have 3 sockets – two for DC fast charging, and one for AC charging. They operate on standard power of 22 kW. If you want to charge your electric car in Belgrade or anywhere in Serbia – it is generally free. The Serbian government wants to promote eco-friendly energy consumption. Make sure you use that advantage!

We always advise you to have a car while in Serbia. That way, you can easily visit all the beautiful destinations we are featuring. Moreover, you have the flexibility to depart any time you want, or simply hop on and drive to the nearest restaurant and enjoy our savory cuisine. You can shop as much as you want, and not worry about carrying bags back to your hotel. With a car, you will use your time in the best possible way – exploring our beautiful country! Welcome and drive safely!


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