Best places to visit in autumn in Serbia


Spring and summer are the seasons that we most often associate with travel, vacation, and attractive destinations. Serbia, as a country in the central part of the Balkans, can offer something special for every time of year. Here are some suggestions of the best places to visit in autumn in Serbia.

Djavolja Varos

A natural monument of the first degree of protection, located in southern Serbia, 90 km from Nis. It is located at 800 meters above sea level, on the slopes of Mount Radan. The area of ​​67 hectares is covered with two ravines, Djavolja and Pakleni, where there are 202 earthen figures. Built of sandstone and marl, covered with an andesitic cap, they are considered a small part of a much larger site in Turkey, better known as Cappadocia.

The yellowed leaves give a golden color, which prevails in the ambiance, in combination with the earth. Redwater, with the smell of iron, a few scattered mining shafts, and wooden steps, make the ambiance special even in the autumn months. In case of colder weather, wind, and rain, you can look for salvation in a restaurant in the nearby Prolom spa. With a hot drink and pleasant company, every season is beautiful.


Resava cave

Located halfway Belgrade – Nis, 20 km from Despotovac, hides unique cave jewelry. It is 4.5 km long, but only 800 meters are decorated for tourism. It was built more than 80 million years ago. For centuries, it has served as a refuge for shepherds and passers-by, from the weather and wild animals, and today it proudly welcomes tourists. Numerous stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, cave pillars, and other decorations indicate the power that nature has over man. With a constant temperature of 7 ° C, throughout the year, it is ideal for a one-day visit.

You can refresh yourself in the restaurant within the cave, but also visit the nearby monasteries of Ravanica and Manasija. Children especially like Dinosville – an amusement park with 20 replicas of different types of dinosaurs, in Svilajnac. This tour can be your choice if you want a more active day spent on tours, a meaningful weekend, or if you are planning a relaxed extended weekend in Serbia.



You will rarely find such a combination of natural and historical sights as in this area. That is why this is one of the best places to visit in autumn in Serbia. The landscape is so unique that UNESCO has placed it under its protection as a Biosphere Reserve. On Golija you can find authentic households that proudly preserve the old Serbian tradition and hospitality. Follow in the footsteps of the kings of the Nemanjic dynasty, visit the magnificent monasteries of Studenica and Milesevo and enjoy the local specialties of this region.

Holidays in Golija are becoming more and more popular. That’s right. The offer of accommodation is getting richer, and nature captivates with its beauty. Choose the cottage, log cabin, or accommodation of your choice and enjoy with your loved ones.


Fruska Gora

Fruska Gora National Park offers a large number of picnic areas and well-marked hiking and walking trails. This place is an ideal weekend destination for the whole family.

The beautiful mountain in the heart of the Vojvodina plain, in Srem, is a perfect subject for photography during the fall. The mountain Fruska Gora has beech and oak forests, which are autochthonous here, as well as linden forests. The lower parts of this mountain are famous for gentle meadows, wheat fields, and vineyards. Most of them are covered with a dense deciduous forest of linden, hornbeam, oak, maple, and other trees.

Choose accommodation on Fruška Gora and go hiking in Vojvodina. Enjoy the view of the Danube and wine tasting in Sremski Karlovci. Whichever part you go to, you won’t make a mistake. The most common choice for sightseeing during the warm spring and summer days is lakes, and there are as many as 16 of them on this mountain. Most of them are suitable for sport fishing.



It is a medieval city with a turbulent history, the remains of which are located at the entrance to the Djerdap Gorge. Golubac Fortress was built in an important geostrategic area, and the exact time of its creation is unknown.

This important cultural and historical landmark was renovated at the beginning of 2019, and now tourists, so now the fortress is completely accessible to tourists. Its interior has four zones, which differ according to availability, weight, and ticket price.

A visit to Golubac is an opportunity for an active weekend vacation, and a tour of Serbia and its oldest parts. Here you have more options for accommodation and do not miss the opportunity to try the gourmet specialties of this area.



As the best places to visit in autumn in Serbia, it also offers its mountains. Zlatibor is an increasingly developing tourist destination, which is an excellent choice for travel in Serbia throughout the year.

One of the most beautiful mountains. If you decide to spend the autumn in Serbia on Zlatibor, the mild and pleasant climate will surely revive you. Take a walk on the slopes of this mountain while there is still no snow, visit one of the authentic churches, log cabins or simply relax in the spa. The golden yellow-colored nature will take care of the ideal backgrounds in all your photos.

For all fans of the most visited Serbian mountain, autumn is the best time to stay in its nature. Mild, pleasant autumn Zlatibor climate, gentle sun, and beautiful golden yellow colors will revive you. Apart from a set of buns and other gourmet specialties that you can enjoy, a visit to this mountain is a great opportunity to visit the hidden corners of Zlatibor. The famous Stopica cave, one of the most famous caves in our country, is located in the northeast of Zlatibor.


Mokra Gora

The first association on Mokra Gora is the far-famed Sharganska osmica and the village of Mecavnik or Drvengrad. Sharganska Osmica is an old steam train Ciro, which runs on the only narrow gauge railway in Serbia. It passes through attractive landscapes, with several beautifully landscaped stations. A restaurant, ethno houses, and several lookouts are the best attractions for tourists who embark on this ride.

Not far from there, you can also climb Mecavnik. It is the ethno village of Emir Kusturica, who wanted to show everyone the beauty of Western Serbia. Having chosen an excellent landscape, arranged everything from rail sleepers, made houses – log cabins, with antique furniture, he welcomes guests from all over the world every winter. The famous Kustendorf, a film festival lasting 7 days, contributes to the attractiveness of this place. The nearby mountains Zlatibor and Tara, numerous villages, the city of Uzice, make us enjoy every season.


Don’t let the colder October weather stop you from continuing your travels, but let the autumn scents take you on a new journey through Serbia.

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