Golubac Fortress – the most visited place in Serbia this summer


Golubac Fortress is currently the tourist destination number one in Serbia. The epidemiological situation forced us to spend the summer months in our country. Now we have a unique opportunity to get to know it and discover all its beauties. We are very sorry that you are not able to join us at the moment. What we can do is try to bring Serbia closer to you. So, buckle up, we are taking off! This time Golubac is our destination.

Golubac, located about two hours’ drive from Serbia’s capital Belgrade, is just another addition to Serbia’s already rich tourist offerings. With the Golubac Fortress, the municipality has become the leading tourist destination on the Danube. Medieval fortress has for centuries been one of the most imposing sights in Serbia. At the end of March 2019, the fortress reopened for visitors after a five-year-long reconstruction project, which brought many changes to its looks. This favorite place of locals and tourists will give you the impression that you are at the seaside. On the other hand, some of you may think they have found themselves in Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings. Either way, this is one of those places, which must be found on your travel bucket list.


A Brief History of Golubac Fortress

Golubac Fortress is one of the best-preserved medieval fortresses in Europe. The first written traces of this object are from 1335. Throughout history, Serbs, Hungarians, and Ottoman Turks ruled here, but it has never been determined whether it was built by Serbs or Hungarians. One thing is certain- the fortress once had an important defense function. In the old times, water canals surrounded and protected it, and one of the ways to enter it was across a wooden bridge. There is also one entrance directly from the Danube, which was probably for emergency purposes.

Since its origin is rather mysterious, there are a number of local legends about the fortress. One is based on its name – the etymology comes from a Serbian word for pigeon (golub). Some legends say that the fortress was home for pigeons. Others, much more romantic, say that the name originates from Golubana, a very beautiful girl who lived in the town-fortress. A rich and powerful Turkish man fell in love with her, but she refused him. As a punishment, he chained her to a cliff.


Medieval fortified city in the modern age

The locals call this fortress the jewel of the Danube. You will instantly see why is that so. Located in Branicevo district in Eastern Serbia, it marks an entrance to Djerdap National Park and Djerdap Gorge. It is also known as the Iron Gate, as it is the section where the Danube is widest.

The first thing that will catch your eye when you come to this place is the view of the river and the landscape around it. You will undoubtedly want to spend some time enjoying the nature that surrounds this fort. Golubac Fortress today consists of 10 towers. All of them are in the shape of a quadrangle except the donjon (Hat Tower), which represents the safest and most reliable place in the fort. The monument seems much smaller than it really is. However, once you enter it, its size and unique structure will leave you speechless.

All fortress has 5 zones, named after colors- green, blue, black, red and white. White is not allowed for visitors, while black is not recommended for those with heart problems. Visiting this part is allowed only to adults with official guides.

Make sure you stop by…

People like to come here because of the fact that numerous cultural and historical sites surround Golubac from all sides. We recommend:

  • Djerdap National Park, with many natural and cultural values which are a part of a special protection program;
  • Tuman monastery, a 14th-century Serbian Orthodox monastery;
  • the archaeological sites Viminacium and Lepenski Vir, where you can see the remainings of temples, squares, palaces, and Roman baths, as well as numerous piscine sculptures and peculiar architecture, respectively;
  • Silver Lake, an artificial lake and the famous tourist resort of Serbia.


If you decide to spend the whole day in Golubac, you can enjoy the beach on the Danube. The beach length is about 100 meters and it is nice and shady. In order to catch the best views towards Golubac fortress and enjoy the landscapes of the Djerdap National Park in 360 degrees, it is best to join a small group boat tour. The tours last from 2-4 hours, depending on the route, and showcase the best of Danube. Try out some of the fish restaurants, too. Enjoy the most beautiful sunsets accompanied by the landscaped surroundings and the spectacular fortress. You will surely have a nice rest and relax.

It is our duty to inform you that some travel restrictions are being lifted in Serbia due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For the latest travel status, please check the official page for Serbia here. In order to join us on our next virtual trip, follow the News section on our website. Until then, stay safe and take care of your loved ones.


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