Activities for kids in Belgrade


Activities for kids in Belgrade are plentiful, and children of all age groups can have fun in our city too! If you are coming with children, here are some interesting things you can do.

Outdoor activities for kids

Belgraders are quite active, no matter their age. Just walk around our parks and riverside, and you will see people of all ages walking, running, or cycling. Take your child to the Danube and Sava riversides, rent a bike at one of the many spots in Belgrade, and ride a tourist train on Kalemegdan and lake Ada Ciganlija. Belgrade parks also have dedicated playgrounds for children, and your child will surely enjoy meeting local children there. Play is a universal language, and who knows, maybe a new international friendship will start on the playground!

In winter, you will see many families in the Pionir Ice Hall. And not just that – as we generally have snow in Belgrade, the same playgrounds and parks are then used for snow games. Children can play, make a snowman, or even sled there. Now when the warmer days are coming, the best place to spend a day is the swimming pool or a beach!


Cultural activities for kids in Belgrade

Serbia has a long tradition of organizing cultural and educational events for children. There are many organizations, clubs, and places that are organizing free language classes, workshops, and plays.

The most interesting, especially for visitors, are theaters and museums.


In Belgrade, there is a number of theaters dedicated solely to youngsters. Children will be able to cultivate their imaginations and learn about life through adaptations of well-known fairy tales and heroes. Some of the theaters for children are:

Come with your child, and enjoy the classics such as Puss in Boots, Cinderella, and Gulliver’s Travels of course there are other less famous or locally scripted plays. No matter which one you choose, we are sure that you will also enjoy it with your child, and that it will briefly take you back to your childhood.

Most of the cinemas also have child-appropriate movies and cartoons on the repertoire, so it is worth checking out as well.



Museums in Belgrade are child-friendly as well. The most interesting one is definitely the Museum of Science and Technology. It has a section for children, which further has two parts: the toy museum and the science section. The museum is quite interactive and touching and playing is not just allowed, but strongly encouraged.

The unique Museum of African Art (address: Andre Nikolića 14) organizes workshops for children every Sunday at 11:00. Children – and adults alike – can also have fun at the Museum of Illusions (address: Nušićeva 11). Make some quirky pictures and you will definitely have a funny memory of your trip to Belgrade.

For animal lovers

If your child enjoys watching animals, there are many other interesting places you can visit together. Belgrade Zoo is one of them, and it is located exactly in Kalemegdan Fortress, so the location couldn’t be any better. Further, you can also visit Public Aquarium and Tropicarium (address: Milenka Vesnića 3) and see some of the exotic species from all over the world.

EkoPark Belgrade is a quite new place, which is welcoming visitors since 2019 at its location in the Beli Potok suburb, just 15 km from the center. It offers plenty of activities, not just for children or adult visitors, but for corporate visits as well. But of course, children will certainly enjoy learning how to ride a horse, milk the cow or pick fruits.


Activities for kids in Belgrade are quite affordable. Almost every place offers a discount for families and children (the age limits vary). In some places, the activities are even free of charge! On certain days, the entrance can also be free or discounted. For more information on a specific venue – contact us – and we will do our best to send you the full offer.

We guarantee days full of activities and fun in Belgrade, for both you and your child. Have fun!


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