Where to drink craft beer in Belgrade, Serbia?


If you like beer, you should add to your list a few places in Belgrade where you can try some. Even though Serbia is not so famous for its breweries, those that exist are worth visiting. You can try some of the finest beers there and meet many interesting people. If you are looking for a top-quality pint in the Serbian capital, look no further! We are presenting you with the best places to drink craft beer in Belgrade.

The Black Turtle Pub  

This is the most iconic pub in the city. The Black Turtle Pub has been brewing its own beer since 2010.  Initially, what started as a homebrewing operation in Vojvodina is now a chain of several breweries. This pub offers a variety of craft beer, including famous blueberry and strawberry beer. It also has a rotating cast of seasonal beers.

Their location on Kosančićev Venac is the favorite.  It has a great view of the Sava River and friendly staff. The interior is very interesting. It is a cozy basement decorated with antique radios, pictures, and… with a lot of rock and roll.  This is a casual hangout place where friends gathered at the end of the day to drink delicious beers. The Black Turtle Pub is also great for a budget night out.


Samo Pivo

Samo Pivo looks and feels exactly like you would imagine a night out in Belgrade to be. And what does their name mean? Well, the name could not be more clear about their mission, since translated in English is means Just Beer. With 20 craft beers on tap this pub definitely shows that it is all about beer.

This somewhat hidden spot underneath Hotel Moskva lives up to its billing as a beer paradise in the middle of Belgrade. Local and foreign brews are available in this industrial space. It feels raw, like the interior of a working warehouse. However, the staff is kind and knowledgeable. This should be one of your first stops on your beer tour of the city because of the best community atmosphere in Belgrade. People come here to drink good beer, so join them.


Gunners Pub

Gunners Pub is another great place where you can drink craft beer in Belgrade. Unlike the first two pubs which have a chill vibe, this one is considered to be an elite beer pub. It is always full on the weekends and has a true pub atmosphere. True love towards beer, British rock music, cozy interior describes this place in the proper way. Most importantly, there are a lot of craft beer options to try.

The offer includes tap beers and bottled ones. Special attention is dedicated to Serbian Craft Beers. There is something for everyone. Pale ale, IPA, APA, Belgium blonde, Pilsner, Marzen, Dunkel, Weizenbock, and many others will surely find the way to your senses. The only thing you have to do is to enter the beer oasis and find your favorite one. The finest independent breweries are available and promoted throughout, so you can try some of their beers, too.


Dogma Brewery

The story of this brewery began when two childhood friends shared the same vision. In 2016 they started a Dogma Brewery. Today it is the fastest-growing craft beer brewery in the region. If all you want is a nice place for a laid-back night out, this is the perfect place. According to some, it is one of the best Serbian breweries.

Dogma is quiet and industrial, like most breweries. They have many beers in their diverse offer. Even if you are not a fan of beer, Dogma will convince you otherwise. Also,the interesting fact is that you can see their production center through giant glass walls in the back. You can observe every machine and segment involved in the process of making beer in this brewery. The beer is made of the highest quality raw ingredients, combining tradition with modern technology. Dare to try some interesting craft beer in Belgrade.



Located on Belgrade’s trendy Strahinjića Bana Street, Krafter pays close attention to seasonal trends. Although it is in the heart of Belgrade, you will feel miles away from the city as you sipped beer on the quiet street. Many love this craft beer bar for its quiet pride in showing off Serbia’s best beers. The stylishly decorated industrial space is also like a well-polished neighborhood pub version of Samo Pivo.

Selection and variety are the lifeblood of the beer bar, and Krafter has both to offer. Lovers of beer will be in their element here, with a host of excellent local brews on tap served by the best staff in town.


If you need any traveling advice or you have any questions, please contact us. We will be more than happy to help you even if you only want to know which place with craft beer in Belgrade you should visit first.


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