What to visit in Serbia: Krupaj Spring


If you are wondering what to visit in Serbia, one of the best options nowadays is Krupaj Spring (in Serbian: Krupajsko vrelo). Due to the situation in the world caused by Covid-19, the experts recommend avoiding going to the seaside on holiday. As a result, most travelers are planning to get to know the continental parts of countries instead. Serbia is a landlocked country with so many places to explore. Let’s start with Krupaj Spring.

Starter pack of what to visit in Serbia

Krupaj Spring is located in eastern Serbia, on the western side of Beljanica mountain. This destination is in the top ten on what to visit in Serbia list. The spring is at an altitude of 220 meters nearby Milanovac village in Homolje district. It is protected as a natural monument of national importance because of its unreal beauty. It belongs to a group of karst springs. A dam on spring exists since 1945. It resulted in a change in its original appearance. Even though the dam is not of a natural origin, it adds a certain charm to the place thanks to its magnificent waterfalls.



Do not be fooled by the bright blue water. It is likely to tempt you to jump in, in order to escape the heat during summer. You may want to think twice before doing this. The water temperature ranges from 9 to 11°C. However, there are many hot springs nearby which mix with the ice-cold water of the rivers Mlava and Krupa.

The choice of what to visit in Serbia was never easier. Just imagine the turquoise color of the water, lots of greenery and tall trees, the cave from which the water comes out, and constantly filling the karst lake. This scenery is ideal for a trip with friends. You can spend your day exploring remote places, enjoying sounds of rippling water, and just doing nothing. All you need to bring is an adventurous spirit and some warmer clothes since the nights can be coldish.


Beyond reality


A large number of attractions, natural and cultural-historical relate to Homolje district. Its history is accompanied by various stories. If you are still not sure that this place should be on your what to visit in Serbia list, maybe one of the legends will inspire you.

Krupaj Spring is a synonym for a natural rarity of this region. This remarkable place is an oasis of clear water and breathtaking surrounding that seems to come straight out of a fairy tale. According to the stories of divers, who were able to go down to 123 meters depth, Krupaj Spring has a labyrinth of underground canals. They extend to the source, which ends at the Krupaj river.

People often connect Homolje district with stories of Vlach magic. One of those stories says that the oasis is the refuge of the aquatic spirit Tartor. He keeps the treasure whose location is allegedly somewhere in the cave under Krupaj Spring. Despite the diving sessions, no treasure has been found. Either way, it has been established that there is probably no other treasure than Krupaj Spring itself.


The Krupaj Spring tour can be combined with our History Tour Along the Danube offer. We highly recommend it to all hedonists and guarantee that you will not regret it.


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