Wearing a mask is now mandatory outside as well


From today, July 17th, 2020, new measures against the spread of coronavirus are in force. The Serbian Crisis Team announced that the existing measures are not enough and that further action is needed. The experts have decided that wearing a mask is now mandatory at all public places. It includes both indoor and outdoor areas. Also, there are further restrictions on public gatherings.

For the summary of previously introduced measures, check out our text.

Wearing a mask at closed and open spaces

To prevent the further spread of coronavirus, and to protect the population, the Government has previously decided that masks must be worn in all indoor spaces, and public buses. Now, that obligation extends to outdoor spaces as well. What exactly does that mean? As the Crisis Team announced, wearing a mask outside is mandatory when the proper physical distance (1,5 m) cannot be observed. For example, people must have the mask on while waiting in the lines in front of the stores or pharmacies. Rule applies to bus stops too. Previously exempted, children and persons with special needs now have to wear a mask. Adults are responsible for ensuring that minors under their care are wearing a mask.

Make sure to wear a mask properly. Cover your nose, mouth, and chin. Mask should fit on your face, without leaving any gaps on the side. Fine for not wearing a mask is 5,000 dinars (around USD $50/EUR €42).

The minimum distance, which must be maintained between people, is 1,5 meters. In closed spaces, it means that one person is allowed for every 4 square meters of the floor area. The number of people who can be inside at the same time is posted at the door. Gatherings of over 10 people are banned. The working hours of the objects are remaining the same at the moment. Closed-space places (such as supermarkets) can work from 06:00 to 21:00. Outdoor venues (gardens, for example) can remain open until 23:00.

The measures are in force on the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia. 


Inform yourself!

The latest information about COVID-19 in Serbia can be found here. As always, exercise normal precaution and follow the measures defined by WHO and the above-mentioned measures which are applying to Serbia. All the businesses have already adjusted their operations to new measures. Of course, use your discretion when deciding where to shop, eat, or spend your free time. Face masks are certainly available and pharmacies are well-stocked.

Most importantly, if you feel any symptoms of the coronavirus, isolate yourself immediately. Contact the doctor for further instructions. Below, you will find the important phone numbers.

  • Info-center“COVID-19”: 19819
  • The Ministry of Health: +381 64 894 52 35.
  • The Institute of Public Health of Serbia “Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut”: +381 11 268 45 66.

Don’t forget your mask! Let’s stop the coronavirus together!

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