New measures against the coronavirus


Dear friends, we feel the responsibility to inform you about the current epidemiological situation in Serbia. Sadly, the number of people infected with coronavirus is rising. Hence, to protect the public health, the Government is introducing new coronavirus protection measures. Situation is unpredictable, and new measures can be adopted or changed at any time.

Current coronavirus protection measures

Generally, at this moment (July 9), the following rules apply:

  • no requirement for quarantine, isolation or testing upon arrival in Serbia
  • face masks are mandatory in public buses and in all indoor spaces
  • gatherings of over 10 people are not permitted
  • clubs, and other indoor areas (shopping centers, for example), will be closing by 21:00. They may not work from 21:00 until 06:00.
  • all indoor businesses must post the maximum capacity at the door. The number of people who may be inside at the same time is limited and depends on the floor area size. The rule is “one person per 4m2
  • outdoor venues, such as gardens, will be closing by 23:00
  • social distancing is obligatory at all times, where possible
  • sanitary inspectors are present at public places and enforcing the protection measures
  • the fines for offenders are 5,000 dinars (around USD $50/EUR €42)
  • the task force decided against the curfew, so it will not be implemented at the moment

Further, you should know that the new measures may differ among municipalities. For example, in some cities, cafes and restaurants have different working hours than the ones in Belgrade.

The authorities are working to expand the capacities of healthcare units. There is no reason for fear or panic. Of course, it is crucial to follow all the precautions and rules. We know that your travel plans might be affected, so we are here to help you make or adjust your plans for a holiday in Serbia. In short, we fully support all the prevention measures and appeal to all our guests to behave responsibly.


What to do if you feel ill?

First of all, refrain from traveling and try to isolate yourself. Contact the relevant authority. You will find the important phone numbers below.

Info-center “COVID-19” is available at number 19819. It is free of charge for users of all networks.

Likewise, the Ministry of Health established a hotline for people who have symptoms. The number is +381 64 894 52 35.

You can reach the Institute of Public Health of Serbia “Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut” on +381 11 268 45 66.

In short, contact any of these numbers. The doctor will do the phone-assessment. Then, you will be informed about your next steps. Serbia organized special COVID-clinics all around the country. So, if needed, they will direct you to the closest one. Clinics for non-COVID illnesses are in different locations. That is why it’s important to find out where exactly you need to go.

Most importantly, we advise you to have valid medical insurance. Testing is free with a doctor’s referral. Also, testing is possible upon personal request. In that case, the price is 6,000 dinars (around USD $60/EUR €50).

We hope that the situation will improve soon, and that the new measures will be relaxed within days. Feel free to contact us at any moment. As always, we will do our best to provide you with the most recent update and let you know if any new measures have been implemented in meanwhile.

Stay safe and travel responsibly!

Truly yours,

More than Belgrade

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