Vinci – A little paradise of the East Serbia


If you have a day (or a few) off, you should definitely consider spending it at Vinci. It is a village in the municipality of Golubac and lures all those who pass near it. Many fail to resist its charm. We believe that the clear water and nature are just some of the reasons for that. You will simply fall in love with it at first sight, just like many did.

Charming Vinci

Vinci is only 130 km away from Belgrade on the right bank of the Danube at the very entrance to the Djerdap Gorge and the Djerdap National Park. It covers the area between the villages of Vinci and Usije. With 4,000 cottages, it is the largest weekend resort in Serbia, and perhaps beyond. Although it is an accurate fact that it belongs to the Ramsko-Golubac sandstone, this fairytale place is located in the pine forest and along the river bank. It is enough information to understand what kind of climate it has.

Vinci represents a very large tourist potential due to its geographical position, rich flora, and fauna. It is interesting that the Danube is the widest in its course here. It is exactly what makes this place magical. Wake up there and you will not have the feeling that you are on the river.

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The settlement has almost all the necessary infrastructure. Try to resist the undeniably mild charm of the Danube, beautiful pine forest, phenomenal air. You will also find several shops, grills, butchers, cafes, billiard clubs, commission and healthy food, comfortable holiday villas, a small market, and a lot of neighbors there.

The main reason to visit this place…

It is its beach. The beach in Vinci is additionally arranged and it became an even bigger attraction for tourists. The coast is very accessible and the beach itself is clean and landscaped. That creates a very pleasant environment for all the visitors, regardless of age. Some visitors come here to enjoy the beautiful view of the Danube. The others would rather play volleyball on the beach. Either way, this place is a great option for every kind of relaxation.

Visitors are allowed to swim on the beautifully landscaped beach, ride a boat, water ski, almost as if you went to the sea instead of the river.

There is a lot of shade, which makes Vinci ideal in the summer. One of the favorite places of locals and tourists will give you the impression that you are at sea. In addition to the already mentioned beach, the trademark of the Golubac settlement Vinci is the specialty fish chips. It is a special feeling to nibble on these chips on the bank of the Danube. All in all, this is a quiet place ideal for a weekend escape from the city.


Hiking trails near Vinci

If you like hiking, Golubac is the right place for you because it has long landscaped hiking trails. The Golubac walking trail is about 6 km long and stretches along the border of the Djerdap National Park. It leads to several lookout points with spacious rest areas with benches. Along the trail are numerous farms with homemade food and drinks, and authentic homemade products. They are simply delicious.

Besides walking and mountain climbing, Golubac and its surroundings are perfect for sailing, cycling, and fishing. The Danube cycling route EuroVelo 6 passes through Golubac. 10 to 15 thousand cyclists from Europe pass here every year. The municipality is ideal for sailing because the Danube is the widest in its course in Golubac.

Ram Fortress

This fascinating building has adorned the banks of the Danube for centuries. It is a 15th-century fortification on a steep slope on the right bank of the Danube, in the village of Ram, municipality of Veliko Gradiste. The city was assumably on the opposite side from Haram fortress across the Danube. Nowadays, however, there are no remnants of it. It is unknown when the original city was built, but it certainly is one of the oldest forts in this region. The base of the fortress is rectangular, with five massive towers. Ram is one of the oldest fortresses in Serbia with defensive artillery. It is best evidenced by several specially made cannon loopholes.


After visiting this beauty of medieval architecture, head to Silver Lake. It is only half an hour away. You can spend most of your day there. The beach on the lake is also urbanized. The water is shallow and very gradually becomes deeper so that children and non-swimmers can enjoy it. There are many cafes, restaurants, stands with ice cream and pancakes around the lake.

The municipality of Golubac bases its development in the field of tourism, economy, and agriculture. Tuman Monastery and the development of religious tourism, as well as the construction of walking trails and bike paths, and the new look of Vinci on the Danube will contribute to the development of local tourism.

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