Upcoming concerts in Belgrade


This June, after a long break, we will finally attend a few upcoming concerts in Belgrade. This summer, use the unique chance to attend the events in our city. The best thing is that there are no special requirements for attendance. Even though all precautionary health measures will take place, you do not have to prove your vaccination status or have any tests.

Do not miss the upcoming concerts

If you are in Belgrade and wish to attend any of the upcoming concerts, we can help you get tickets for those events! The number of tickets is limited, so hurry up! Here is where you can have fun in the next few days.

Željko Vasić

Željko Vasić is a talented Serbian pop singer from Zaječar. Besides singing, he is also a composer, lyricist, arranger, and keyboards player. He started singing when he was only 14 years old, and he is without any doubt, authentic. Even though you might not understand the Serbian language, you will certainly feel the summertime vibes, but also emotions pouring out of every song. Of course, you can check out some of his hits on YouTube!

On June 13th at 19:00 in Kombank Hall (former Trade Union Hall – “Dom Sindikata”, not to be confused with Arena, which was previously called Kombank Arena!), exactly on Nikola Pasic square, you will be able to enjoy his greatest hits. Prices of tickets vary between 1,700 to 2,500 dinars (around 14-23 euros, or 17-25 US dollars). Hurry up and reserve your seat!


Vasil Hadžimanov Band

Vasil Hadžimanov Band is a group formed in 1997 in Belgrade. The founder is Vasil Hadžimanov – an ingenious Berklee graduate and a piano & keyboard player. He successfully fuses various aspects of Balkan folk music and jazz. In combination with a strong accent on percussion and keyboard tapestries, it is no wonder that their music is so extraordinary. Just listen to some of their hits beforehand, and you will see why we think they are one of the best bands on our scene.

Upcoming concerts on June 17th and 18th will take place at BitefArtCafe Summer Stage. The location could not be more attractive – between the walls of our historical Kalemegdan fortress. The prices of tickets are 700 and 1,200 dinars (6 and 10 euros, or 7 and 12 US dollars).

The good news is – that’s not all! As the days are getting warmer and more open, a number of interesting events are going to take place in Belgrade. Stay tuned and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for more information on upcoming concerts and events! Let’s have a blast this summer!


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