BitefArtCafe Summer stage


BitefArtCafe Summer Stage is a live music club in Belgrade that you must experience. Located in the most beautiful part of the city, among the old walls of the Kalemegdan fortress, the summer stage of Bitefartcafe is the pulsating club heart of Belgrade’s nightlife. It is also the oldest and best club with live music in Belgrade. It hosts the most popular Serbian bands that show an incredibly diverse range of music genres.

The main summer attraction

As summer approaches, our music scene gets a new impetus. It is due to the numerous musicians who normally create in the world. In this period they return to Serbia and present their music in the capital. BitefArtCafe Summer Stage is a great place for that.

The club is completely adapted to live gigs. It also tends to give a good time to its guests! In the heart of the city and Kalemegdan Fortress, there is a hiding place where you are out of the city bustle during the day, and in the middle of city events when it gets dark. The one who comes once will want to come again.


The professional sound system, lighting, large stage, relaxed team, and a lot of space for dancing definitely contribute to the atmosphere in the club, which differs from similar clubs in Belgrade. That is why the BitefArtCafe Summer stage is an unavoidable place in Belgrade for fans of quality live music and the best entertainment.

BitefArtCafe Summer stage

Like its winter sister, BitefArtCafe Summer stage is the center of the best club live gig in the city and the host of the big world and domestic names jazz, soul, funk, pop music! You name it!

This summer, the following will perform: Masimo Savic, Zvonko Bogdan, Vlatko Stefanovski, Natali Dizdar, Sevdah Baby, DLM. However, big surprises are in preparation when it comes to foreign guests. In July, Bitefartcafe Summer Stage will host New Yorkers Tortured Soul and the famous Keziah Jones.

The residency is also held by the best club bands such as the MAKAO band, Perpetuum mobile, St. Louis, Betty BooM, The Gift And TomGun TopCruise. They are some of the favorite musicians in Serbia, too.


The most popular cover bands perform at the Bitefartcafe club on weekends, whose repertoire ranges from legendary to the latest pop, rock, house, R’n’B, disco hits. The BitefArtCafe Summer stage also has its concert program and performances by famous stars. From Massimo Savic, through Selah Sue, to bands like Brand New Heavies and Incognito and many others.

However, there is a reduction and limitation of the capacity of the gigs. There is a possibility to change the beginning time of the performance in accordance with the current measures.

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