Top 10 Hiking Destinations in Serbia


Have you heard that there are many perfect hiking destinations in Serbia? Well, if you have, you heard it right! If you are into adventure tourism – caving, canyoning, climbing, zip-lining, long-distance, or just easy hiking, Serbia has a lot of places to offer. Join us on our virtual tour and explore some of the most attractive ones.

1. Divčibare


Who is not in the condition for mountain climbing, we are recommending Divčibare. Take a light walk to beautifully landscaped paths. Hiking trails are traced in selected directions in a way that visitors to Divčibare get to know this gem of domestic tourism better.

Also, the climate there helps the treatment of lung diseases, anemia, and diseases with neurodegenerative disorders. So, by walking in nature, you will improve your health and at the same time enjoying nature.

2. Fruška Gora


Fruška Gora is the only mountain in the Vojvodina region. It was an island during the existence of the Pannonian sea, and it is built from rocks from almost all geological periods. Today, rising out of Srem’s vast plains, this is the perfect hiking region just 80km from Belgrade.

Routes vary in length from 3 to 80 km and lead through beautiful protected areas of Fruška Gora National Park. All the routes are circular and are all marked. The important thing is that the hills are covered almost completely with thick forests full of life that will shade you from the summer sun.

Additionally, this region is famous for its wine, so be sure to visit some of the local wineries. They are the ideal place to have a refreshment after the hike.

3. Stara Planina


Looking for perfect hiking destinations in Serbia? Here is another one.

Stara Planina Mountain has two marked hiking routes. The one day route is 23km long and it is pretty easy. You will mostly be on the marked forest path, so do not worry. At the end of the trek, you’ll find the impressive Čunguljski waterfall where you can try and cool down.

Some of the things you can explore there are good skiing slopes, a large artificial lake, the 16th-century Temska Monastery, and the Temska river. The most impressive part of Stara Planina is probably its powerful rivers that flow through their beds in red sandstone. Those rivers form many impressive waterfalls, the highest in all of Serbia.

4. Rtanj


If you are looking for the most interesting hiking destinations in Serbia, this is certainly one that you should not miss. Although it is a little harder to get to the top, it is worth it. This is a truly unique experience. However, do not forget to bring all the necessary equipment, including a headlamp, a jacket and plenty of water.

Rtanj is also one of the strangest looking mountains in Serbia. It has a pyramidal shape. Because of that, some believe that it is actually a real pyramid, now covered with soil and forests. Others believe that this mountain is an alien base because of the many alleged UFO sightings. There is even one myth that a stargate and a timegate are situated at the top of the mountain! All in all, there are many legends and mysteries.

5. Tara National Park


This park, bordered by the river Drina, is probably the most beautiful part of Serbia. Deep gorges and canyons, caves and ravines, thrilling mountain views, and forests. 80% of the park is covered in mixed forests of spruce, fir, and beech and it offers 19 marked hiking paths, 120 kilometers in total.

It is famous for the Picea omorika, or Serbian Spruce, which is now protected in a small area of the Tara National Park. Tara is also one of the last places in Serbia where you can find brown bears, and also many other different species of wildlife.

6. Homolje Mountains


Homolje Mountains are located in eastern Serbia, southwest of Majdanpek. This is the place where you can completely connect with the nature around you while you hike this mountain’s peaks. This is a circular route that usually starts at the 13th-century Orthodox monastery of Vitovnica, in front of which you can easily park your car to wait for your return.

The route is visibly marked, but you can carry a GPS with this trek, too. Just in case. It is of moderate difficulty.  The most interesting part is to climb the Veliki Vranj peak. The climb is very steep and goes over a ridge so caution is necessary.

7. Zlatibor


Zlatibor is a real delight. Among beautiful nature and ideal climate, it is famous for hiking too. The guests get the most enjoyment from this activity. That is why it is one of the top hiking destinations in Serbia. When you reach Tornik or Čigota peaks, and you see entire Serbia in front of you, you will get all proud of yourself. According to many, that is an unforgettable experience.

Zlatibor is also a favorite cycling destination in Serbia. Thousands of kilometers of cycling trails will take you through this region.

8. Kopaonik


Kopaonik, the biggest mountain range in Serbia, with its 200 sunny days a year, makes it an ideal candidate for the top hiking destinations in Serbia. It offers different hiking tours, for instance. Many well-ordered trekking trails and mountaineering routes provide great opportunities to enjoy the nature and landscapes of this national park. This spot is ideal for summer walking tours. Highlights include the 46km Josif Pančić mountain trail. In addition, the region includes several beautiful UNESCO-listed monasteries.

On the other hand, it is the biggest ski resort in Serbia

9. Golija


Golija is one of the most beautiful and thickly forested mountains in Serbia. It has extremely well preserved natural and cultural features. In the winter, visitors like to ski down the slopes of Golija, while its pleasant and warm summers are ideal for mountaineering and paragliding. Hiking is always a good solution. That is at the same time the best way to explore its heights and forests.

Golija hiking includes visiting famous medieval Orthodox monasteries and enjoying rakija. The mountain is full of well-marked hiking trails. They vary from 3 to 12 km and pass through the spectacularly beautiful UNESCO protected wildlife reserve.

10. Uvac Special Nature Reserve


Uvac Special Nature Reserve is one of the Serbs’ most favorite places. If you take a hike during the summer months, bring a hat and sun protection, because there is almost no shade during the walk. The path is simple, well-marked, and extends high above the meanders of the river. Also, hiking does not require any special preparation. The track is ideal for all amateurs and enthusiasts. The nicest view on the meanders is from a viewpoint called Molitva (translated in English it means Prayer) which can be easily reached on foot. On your way to the top, you will pass through meadows of tall, soft grasses, with wildflowers of yellows, purples, and white. Also, if you are lucky, you may get a chance to meet some horses, sheep, and cows.

Above all, arm yourself with basic equipment – good and comfortable boots, jacket, and backpack. Find out what are the best hiking destinations in Serbia. Enjoy the walk!

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