The work of a British painter “Portrait of an Artist” was estimated at $ 80 million?



David Hockney is the most expensive living artist?
The work of a British painter “Portrait of an Artist” was estimated at $ 80 million, a record figure for an artist who still creates ..

Namely, the image of the still active British is estimated at $ 80 million. If the 1972 work “Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)” in November, at auction in New York “Christie” reaches this figure, Hokni will become the most valuable living artist, transferred are the world’s media.

The painting “Artists Portrait” is by now the most expensive work of Hokke, and a record amount for an artist who is still active, the auction house “Kristi” announced.The title of the most expensive living artist is still in the hands of Jeff Kuns, as his 2013 Balloon Dog (Orange) sculpture sold for $ 58 million.

After American Kuns, the work that has reached the highest price at auction is the picture of an European – Gerhard Rihter. Namely, his image “Abstraktes Bild” was sold three years ago in London for a figure of $ 46 million.

For the time being, the most expensive Hokejiva works are “Pacific Coast Highway” and “Santa Monica”, which were sold in New York City “Sadebie” for “only” 29.5 million dollars a few months ago.

The painting “Portrait of Artists” from 1972 in “Christ” is called one of the masterpieces of the modern age. Surrounded by green and hilly landscape, Hokni in the picture shows the man swimming in the pool, while another man looks at it from the edge. Like many other famous works, Hookey’s model in this picture was his then-partner Pieter Schlesinger, an American visual artist.

Work is still owned by Joe Louis, an 81-year-old art collector, who, according to the “Guardian”, can boast pictures of Picasso, Matisse, Sagala … This businessman, who lives in the Bahamas, is not only a fan art, but also sports, since he owns the London football club Tottenham.

It was this work, which was as wide as three meters, was most impressive at David Hokney’s retrospective exhibition at the Tate Gallery, according to the British media last year. After “Tate” it was exhibited at the Paris Center “Pompidou” and the New York Metropolitan Museum.

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