The best pancakes in Belgrade


If you have a sweet tooth, you are probably wondering where can you eat pancakes in Belgrade. You are lucky, as it is one of our favorite sweets too! And even better – there are several specialized shops for crepes and pancakes in Belgrade.

Where to eat the best pancakes in Belgrade?

Palacinke (pancakes/crepes) are so popular, that shops called “palačinkarnica” are all around the city. You can eat different sweet and salty pancakes in Belgrade shops, with different condiments. The standard ones are filled with Nutella, with the addition of the famous Serbian biscuit “plazma”. The enthusiasts add fruit such as cherries or bananas as well. Salty ones are based on sour cream, cheese, and ham. However, options are endless and there are dozens or even hundreds of combinations. The only difficult thing will be choosing the best one for you!


The international chain of Milky pancakes in Belgrade opened just a few years ago and it quickly became a place where people were waiting in line to get a free seat. Savory and sweet, their huge and richly topped pancakes are not just a snack. You will feel so full so you can consider them a meal. In fact, Milky also offers pancake&crepes based meals such as breakfast. Tiramisu, Schwarzwald, American or classical pancakes – they have them all. Of course, you can even customize your own food by combining the ingredients.

You will find them in the historical center – Dorćol, on address Kneginje Ljubice 20. Another location is in Vračar, in Mačvanska 10. Of course, you can even use the delivery service and treat your friends – or just yourself.



Just 150 meters from Republic Square, behind the National Theater, Glumac is another palačinkarnica that is always full of people waiting to place their favorite order. You just can’t resist their deep-fried pancakes, filled with high-quality prosciutto, cheese, sour cream, and mushrooms. Still, if you are in the mood for something sweet, just choose your topping – sugar, euro-cream, Nutella, honey, or jam, with the addition of strawberry, walnut, banana, raisins, or anything else that comes to your mind.



If you want pancakes with a view of the river – then Keops is a place of your choice. This is a floating restaurant on the Sava river, docked just near the famous Hotel Yugoslavia. Their signature ingredient is a homemade nougat. We guarantee that you will never eat pancakes as savory as here! Their menu has almost 50 different combinations on offer – but you can even make your own! And have you ever heard of spaghetti crepes? That is another thing made only here, and that is why Keops is an iconic palačinkarnica.

So, let us know – who serves the best pancakes in Belgrade?

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