Food delivery services in Belgrade


Food delivery services are gaining popularity in Belgrade, especially now when restaurants and fast-food places have shorter working hours. This weekend, the restaurants had to close their doors, but on the other hand, the deliveries increased. Ordering food online in Belgrade is very simple – and we will tell you how can you do it! For your convenience, we prepared a brief guide through the most popular platforms. However, many places also offer deliveries independently and outside of them.

Many restaurants accept online payments and do contactless delivery. It is not always the rule, so pay attention to the details. Sometimes, you will need to pay the courier directly, or they accept only cash. The sites we suggest here also have phone applications. Use whatever is more convenient for you! The choice of places ranges from simple and cheap fast-food places to upscale and more expensive restaurants. food delivery

One of the oldest and most popular sites is “Donesi” means “bring” in the Serbian language. Over 2,000 stores in 42 cities and 3 countries offer their delicacies on this website. Of course, there is the English language interface, so ordering is quite simple. Enter your address and then you will be able to filter the opinions. On the left side, there are filters where you can see the rough selection of cuisines and dishes – Italian, Serbian, international, breakfast, grill, pancakes, etc.

You will be able to see the estimated delivery time, the minimum amount you need to order, and the price of delivery. Most of the restaurants offer it for free. Sometimes, the cost is symbolic (100-200 dinars, which is less than 2 euros/dollars). Watch out for special deals. For example, you can get free Coca-Cola. Additionally, you can see the rating of restaurants and read the reviews.  Choose the restaurant, then the dish, confirm your order, and wait for the food delivery courier!



This successful Finnish company is present in 23 countries and operates in Serbia since 2019. Besides food from restaurants and fast-foods, they can also deliver other food and non-food items. For example, you can order fresh fruit and vegetables, pastries from bakeries, and even cosmetics. Wolt also works with Drink Store – and delivery of your favorite beverage will be free. The delivery fees range from 0 to 219 dinars. So, it will not cost you more than 2 euros/dollars. Just order via the website or the app, and wait for the man with a recognizable blue backpack, who will be at your door soon.



What began as a start-up in Spain, quickly became one of the most popular food delivery services worldwide. They also came to Serbia in 2019, and Belgrade is one among hundreds of cities where Glovo couriers bring food and other items to people’s homes. So, you are probably familiar with their services. In Belgrade, besides food, Glovo enables you to order anything you need from DM drogerie, Dr.Max pharmacy, or IDEA supermarket. Further, you can also order from a florist shop, liquor store, or consumer electronics retailer Tehnomanija. The delivery price depends on the distance. It is usually on par with order delivery services,  so it will rarely cost you more than 2 dollars/euros. Sometimes there are free delivery options as well.glovo-food-delivery


No matter which food delivery platform you choose, we are sure that you will enjoy high-quality food. The professional couriers will be at your address in no time and make sure your food is fresh and warm. We know that nothing can beat eating out and enjoying the atmosphere of a restaurant. Still, from time to time, we all want to spend a lazy and cozy evening at home, don’t we? Bon appetite!

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