Soap Festival Avala weekend


This year 20 and 21 June were reserved for the first Soap Festival Avala. Sunny day and richness of color and scent marked yesterday. However, due to unfavorable weather conditions, the second day of the festival is canceled.

Soap Festival Avala- a place for all nature lovers

Many people rushed to the Avala yesterday. And for a good reason. To attend the first Soap Festival Avala. The festival took place on a plateau at the foot of the mountain. The entrance was free.

The visitors had a chance to enjoy handmade craft soaps. Made of natural ingredients, they are healthier for the skin. Their scents and colors enchanted visitors. Everyone has managed to choose the fragrant note for themselves. Various unique and imaginative soaps were on display.  For relaxation, energy raising, and those that serve as a kind of aphrodisiac.



An oasis of beauty

It’s high time we introduced you to one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia. Avala is located 17 km southeast of Belgrade. This 511 meters high mountain is also the only in the vicinity of Belgrade.

Avala is overgrown with deciduous and coniferous forests.  It is a favorite picnic spot for recreation. Also, it is the entertainment of many. More and more domestic tourists visit it. The number of those who come from all over the world also increases. In addition, this is one of the mandatory points on the tourist map.

A 202 m high Avala Tower is the biggest attraction since 1965. It was one of the tallest structures in the Balkans. At the time it was also the fifth tallest self-supporting construction in the world. To illustrate, Empire building was also on the list. The tower was destroyed in the 1999 NATO bombing. After that, its total reconstruction began in 2006. The official opening ceremony was on 21 April 2010. Aside from the tower, you will see Monument to the Unknown Hero and Memorial Park.



Avala is a natural asset and one of the favorite picnic spots of citizens. Firstly, trails for hiking and biking are just some of the attractions. On the other hand, there are restaurants and adventure park. Above all, the panoramic view is the biggest advantage.

Natural products combined with a spectacular natural landscape? It sounds like a great combination. There is no doubt that Soap Festival Avala will become an annual tradition. Before the next one, join us on the Avala tour.



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