Serbian SIM card – Staying connected


A Serbian SIM card is quite useful when you are visiting Serbia. It is very easy to buy it and activate it. However, we decided to inform you about the providers operating in Serbia, so you can make an informed decision.

Using the Serbian SIM card

There are two types of billing for phone services in Serbia – prepaid and postpaid. Generally, you need to sign a contract to use postpaid services. You will pay the bill after each month. That is why this option is not handy (and not possible) for tourists, as contracts carry a 2-year long obligation. If you are staying in Serbia for a short time, buy a prepaid Serbian SIM card. Add credits to it or buy some package they offer. You are connected!

As Serbia is using dinar (RSD) as the currency, all the prices we mention will be in dinars as well. As per the current exchange rate, for 1 euro you will get around 118 dinars, while for 1 dollar, you will get 100 dinars. You can buy the SIM card at almost every kiosk, post office, and of course, provider’s stores or promotional stands. Registration is not mandatory, but if you want, you can register your card with the provider (bring your passport).

The prepaid prices and packages change frequently and differ among providers. Moreover, the providers often have promotions. That is why the on-site information can be different than the ones we provide here. Promotions and package allowances refer to Serbian networks only. They do not cover calls or messages to foreign numbers. In those cases, different rates apply. Some providers may have add-ons for such services.

Roaming and Serbian SIM card

While you are in Serbia, roaming charges may apply, even for the incoming calls. Please get informed beforehand, especially if you use postpaid. Internet charges, in particular, can be very high, and you can be such with a large bill. Likewise, if you plan to use your Serbian SIM card while in another country, charges are also very high. With the prepaid option, service will stop once you run out of credit. Serbian country code is +381, so it will help you identify Serbian numbers.


Serbian SIM card providers


Telenor offers different prepaid Serbian SIM card packages, as well as flat-rate prices. You can manage them via the Moj Telenor smartphone application. Currently, a new Telenor prepaid customer can choose between the following packages:

  • Telenor Prepaid – the cost is 300 dinars, and you will get a free add-on with 900 RSD of credit and 3 GB, which are valid for 7 days in national traffic
  • Telenor Prepaid Plus – for 500 dinars, give you 5.000 RSD of credit and 10 GB, which are valid for 15 days in national traffic

Both packages also give you 2 x 10GB for 2 apps of your choice (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Viber, or WhatsApp). You can use the credit (900 or 5,000 RSD)  for minutes and SMS to all networks in national traffic. The minute price is around 11,9 RSD, while SMS is 5,9 RSD.



The VIP provider has two packages you can choose from. They are valid for 30 days.

  • Monthly plan 300 – costs 300 RSD. It gives you 100 min/SMS to all networks in Serbia, unlimited calls within VIP network, 1 GB for surfing, and 10 GB for Facebook, Messenger, Viber, and WhatsApp
  • Monthly plan 600 –  costs 600 RSD. It gives you 200 min/SMS to all networks in Serbia, unlimited calls within VIP network, 3 GB for surfing, 10 GB for Instagram, and 10 GB for Facebook, Messenger, Viber, and WhatsApp
  • Add-ons: for a surcharge, you can add additional services. The cost and the amount you get depends on your base package, type of service, and current promotion


Globaltel is a daughter-company of VIP, and they also have some amazing prepaid offers. You can make your own combinations of services and select add-ons. Their “freepaid” tariffs give you unlimited minutes and SMS (within Serbia), while internet allowance depends on the package and determines the price (2 GB for 900 RSD, 8 GB for 1,000 RSD, or 20 GB for 1,300 RSD).


Telekom Srbija – MTS

MTS is a state-owned telecommunications operator. As a welcome package, you will get a certain amount of messages, minutes, and megabytes. Every time you top-up your prepaid credit, you will get a “gift” in form of additional messages, minutes, megabytes, or internet for certain applications.

Once you spend your “allowance” you must activate different services separately. For example, you can activate 50 minutes and messages for 299 RSD (valid for 7 days) or 100 minutes and messages for 499 RSD (valid for 30 days). 1 GB of the internet is 100 RSD (valid for 1 day) or 200 RSD (valid for 7 days).


All you have to do now is buy and activate your Serbian SIM card. Call us, and let’s be in touch!

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